VIP Starz Club

Bit Starz Casino continues to benefit as one of the earliest crypto casinos. Also, Bit Starz offers a lavish and visually slick website with high-class slot game options. But, Bit Starz extends its promotions with an exclusive VIP Club. If you are already a proud Bit Starz VIP member, you do want us to tell you that Bit Starz doesn't rest until all its members feel like kings and queens. But if you don't have the pleasure of joining Bit Starz's amazing VIP Club, then consider reading this guide as your first step toward receiving that special invitation.

Joining Bit Starz' VIP Club

Unlike other online casinos where members are automatically enrolled after making their first deposit, Bit Starz Casino accepts members in its VIP Club through merit and other factors. While there isn't a specific science for Bit Starz members to follow, certain factors weigh heavily for you to get into this elusive club.

If you're looking to get into the Bit Starz VIP Club from the jump, making a substantial deposit speaks volumes. If Bit Starz is impressed and sees you as a long-term high-roller, they might send you that exclusive VIP Club. However, Bit Starz Casino requires at least a $1,000 deposit.

If your first deposit isn't flashy, that's not the end of the world because Bit Starz is looking for members to consistently spend like a high roller to earn this exclusive invitation. Bit Starz is watching all its members, and when you demonstrate fearless wagering, Bit Starz is sure to return the favor. Please note that Bit Starz Casino isn't looking for emails asking to be a part of Bit Starz's exclusive VIP Club. We also recommend checking your Bit Starz email frequently because Bit Starz managers might send you the email you have longed to get.

What's in Bit Starz's VIP Club?

No matter how you get into Bit Starz's VIP Club, an exclusive VIP manager is available. These well-trained VIP members are there to cater to your every gaming whim. These specially selected personal managers have the perfect experience dealing and catering to your every whim and need. Even better, these hand-selected VIP members are available 24/7, and you can reach Bit Starz's VIP team through email, SKYPE, or WhatsApp. Bit Starz Casino invites you to ask your hand-picked VIP manager about the latest VIP bonuses or set limits to continue gambling responsibly.

Bit Starz Casino members also enjoy fast payouts compared to regular Bit Starz members. Even better, VIP Club members don't have to worry about withdrawal limits. And before new games become available at Bit Starz Casino, VIP members become the first to try these games.

And because each Bit Starz VIP member is unique, Bit Starz affords you the luxury of creating customized bonuses. With these customized bonuses, players can set personal benchmarks that might not even include wagering requirements.