Hot Drop Jackpots

Bovada Casino is run by a team of intelligent management and designers. The teams are constantly creating and introducing new ideas, new games, and new promotions. For example, the Hot Drop Jackpots are not as new as some players would like to believe, but they are becoming more popular, with more being offered shortly. Hot Drop Jackpots offer must-win jackpots meaning that the jackpot has to be awarded at a certain level. The three types of Hot Drop Jackpots are hourly, daily, and super. Bovada Casino offers all of these and is working on new introductions.

Three Games for Three Hot Drop Jackpots

Golden Buffalo, 777 Deluxe, and A Night With Cleo are the current slots games at Bovada offering Hot Drop Jackpots. An hourly drop means that the jackpot has to be awarded within an hour, and it is usually no more than $1000. The daily Hot Drop Jackpots have to be won within the day, and these jackpots reach levels of $25000. The super jackpots included must drop, i.e., be won before they reach $250000. Tabs in each of the slots games show the jackpots and how long each one has until it has to drop. Once the jackpot has dropped, the jackpot is locked for a day or so as it accumulates more funds. The super jackpot always immediately resets. These Hot Shot Jackpots are part of the games and not part of the list of many promotions offered at Bovada Casino that start with a great $3000 welcome bonus for new players. With more and more Hot Drop Jackpots promised from Bovada, it is a good idea to refresh your membership and get playing.