Pixiu Slots

Pixiu Slots is a Chinese theme-based slot with the main characters being a Dragon. This particular dragon has special powers – powers that allow him to eat everything from gold, silver, and jewels.

About the Game

Even though Pixiu Slots is considered a classic slot, it has four levels of play. As you move through the levels, the payouts will be higher and higher. At the top of the slot, you will be able to see the Level you are currently on. Coincidently, this slot also has a pay table you can access for more information.

Where is the Paytable?

At the left hand corner of the slot is the Question Mark. Tap on it and you will be able to access the pay table. Here you will find the symbols, payouts, special features, and rules of the game. There is also an AutoPlay button.

How Many Reels and Paylines are There?

Pixiu is a classic 3-reel, 5-payline progressive bonus video slot. There are three jackpots: Cash Grab, Mystery, and Super Slots.

What are the Coin Denominations?

The betting for this game is 10 cents. With 5 pay lines, the max bet is $5.00 per spin. We recommend you play all lines and bet the max in this game.

Free Spins Round and Levels

The number of free spins awarded depends upon the level you are on. Level 1 will give you 10 free spins; Level 2 will give you 15 free spins; Level 3 will give you 20 free spins; and Level 4 will give you 25 free spins.

The Bonus Game

In this bonus game, you will be shown four gold coins and four jade coins. You will be asked to choose one coin only. If the coin makes Pixiu grow larger, you will be awarded a payout and can select another coin again. When the coin turns to stone, the bonus game ends.


As a Classic Slot, Pixiu offers more than any other slot in its genre. With the free spins and the bonus game, you are sure to give this dragon something to be angry about. I invite all our US slot lovers to play Pixiu Slots at our participating casinos. And while you’re at it, check out all our reviews of other slot games at bengames.org.