Rainbow Riches Slots

If you haven't yet discovered Rainbow Riches from Barcrest, you should seek it out once you've read this article. It's a superb game that has beaten away the competition from thousands of other slots and is still hugely popular today.

But why is that? The game doesn't have much in the way of a background, and the graphics aren't as modern as the ones you will see in other games. So, there are many ways to think about why this game has become the big name it has.

We thought about this and listed some of the main reasons below. Once you've read them, try the game, and see what you think. Do you agree with our reasons here?

Classic features rolled into a bright game screen

Just look at that purple background… and the golden design surrounding the five reels. There's even a rainbow behind the reels, tying in with the title and making everything more colorful still.

Lots of slot game use wilds and scatters to perk things up, and we've got that here too. The wild is a coin with a leprechaun's face on it. The scatter is the game logo. Those two are simple enough to see whenever they crop up.

Could that rainbow lead to a pot of gold?

That's the myth created around the fact that you can never find the end of a rainbow. There must be something cool hidden there, right?

These are clues to the theme of the game, along with the leprechaun we mentioned earlier. Some slot themes are used repeatedly, and yet people never get tired of them. The Irish good fortune theme is one of those, and that is the theme in action here as well.

If you like Rainbow Riches, there are many other games to play too

You've probably encountered some slot game series before, but can there be any bigger than this? Every time we look up Rainbow Riches - maybe to write another article about this huge hit of a slot game - we notice there has been another release.

Barcrest has run with it and come up with lots of different slots based around the Rainbow Riches brand. The others all have Rainbow Riches as the start of the title but may feature other words after it. For example, you could play the Cluster Magic game or the Megaways version to name just two. We'll leave you to see how many other variations you can discover.

Perhaps you can reach that pot of gold after all

The original game does give you a chance to seek that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. The game includes several bonus features, each triggered in a different way. However, the Road to Riches bonus is the one the leprechaun can open for you, if you find him three times on the reels.

The game switches to another screen showing that path to the end of the rainbow. The idea is to get as far along it as you can, so you can net the biggest possible prize along the way.

Rainbow Riches is understandably a massive success. It combines entertainment, a popular theme, prize potential, and more bonuses than many slots can offer. Have you tried it yet?