Ramses Gold Casino

Ramses Gold Casino
Ramses Gold is a newer online casino that has an impressive home page and what appears to be a nice selection of special features to make use of. With that said, it’s not clear whether the site is worth playing at or not. That’s why we took the time to create an in-depth review of the online casino. The review looks at the game selection, the promotional offers, banking tools, ease of navigation and other important considerations to help fellow gamblers decide if it’s a site worth playing at or not. All that information and more can be found below.

More than a Dozen Software Developers

This online casino serves as a home to games from more than a dozen different software companies. With games from the likes of BetSoft, Evoplay, Playson, SA Gaming, 1x2 and many others there is an interesting selection to choose from for every sort of gambler. It’s this immense variety, and a good mix of lesser-known software companies that makes this casino fun to look through and to play around with.

A Modern Yet Cluttered Casino

We were initially overwhelmed by the lobby of this casino when first visiting it. The features of the site are easily accessible and the whole slot is simple to navigate though. This makes enjoying the site a bit easier and even though it seems overwhelming at first it’s still a good place to call home as an online gambler.

Gamblers From All Over are Welcome

Players from all around the world are welcome at this casino, though the games offered, the different banking tools and some features change depending on the country a player is from. No matter where in the world you are located, there’s a very good chance that you’ll be able to create your new account and start playing at the casino without a problem.

Hundreds of Different Games to Choose From

There are literally hundreds of different slot games to choose from when playing at this online casino. That includes a variety of slots, table games, video poker options and specialty games as well. With all those different options there is a little of something for everyone to enjoy. The site offers simple navigation tools to look through all the different game options and it should be easy enough for most gamblers to find something that appeals to them when they take the time to look through all the different options.

A Good Mix of Slots

Ramses Gold has a nice variety of slot games to choose from depending on what you’re interested in. There are classic slot games with just three reels and simple gameplay mechanics for the gamblers that just want to relax. There are also video slots with more reels, more bonus opportunities and higher payout opportunities as well. Then there are the progressive jackpot games that pay out a huge amount of money to the select few gamblers that are fortunate enough to win. There are hundreds of different slot games to play around with, and there are options tat every slot gambler can enjoy.

A Few Live Dealer Games

This casino doesn’t offer a huge selection of live dealer games, but it does offer some of these interactive games for gamblers to play around with. There is a game for baccarat, blackjack, poker and roulette. Each of these live dealer games has an actual dealer on webcam for you to look at as you play through one round after another. That’s a more interactive way to experience online casino games and something that players seek out specifically, so we were happy to see it when conducting our review.

Free Play Mode is Supported

Any players that aren’t sure if they want to join up with this online casino don’t have to spend money right away. Instead, they can create a free account and test out the different features of the site with play money. This Demo mode offers the same features and access to most of the casino games as well. The only difference is that no real money is paid out when gambling in this mode.

Easily Switch to Real Money Wagering

For the players that are confident enough to wager with real money it’s quick and easy to swap over from the free play mode to gambling using real money. Simply complete a real money deposit into your new casino account and sign in. Once those two steps are accomplished it’s possible to play all the games on the site using a real money balance. This is the only way to play if you want to try for real money prize payouts, and it’s something the free play gamblers are missing out on that takes away from the fun of online wagering.

New Games are Released Frequently

As an online gambler at Ramses Gold casino there are lots of new game releases to look forward to. With so many different software developers supporting this online casino it’s no wonder that new games are being released all the time. There are game releases on a monthly basis so even the regular gamblers will have some fun new options to play around with most of the time they sit down to gamble.

Enjoy a Lucrative Welcome Bonus

Starting off on this website is highly rewarding as a new gambler. That’s thanks in large part to the highly lucrative welcome bonus. This offer gives every new player a 300% deposit match bonus for up to $900 on their very first deposit into the site. That’s a reward that must be unlocked by playing on the site, but it’s still a generous offer that most new players will celebrate.

Regular Monthly Specials

Along with the powerful welcome bonus offers, the site offers regular monthly bonuses to look forward to as well. Those bonuses are given in the form of deposit bonuses most often, but players can also cash in on cash back offers, bonus points and other specials. These ongoing offers are really the options that the dedicated gamblers are going to look forward to most. They’re easy to unlock, and they’re something to look for each time you sign into your account.

Get Rewarded for Your Deposit Method

Players can also get rewarded depending on the deposit method they decide to use. Members of Ramses Gold casino can get up to an additional 15% in deposit bonuses by using the right deposit method. With the right method selected players will enjoy that extra money and have another reason to think carefully about the deposit method that they fund their account with.

Additional Perks are Awarded by the VIP Program

This casino also has an active VIP program for each of the players that sign on and begin wagering. Anyone that takes part in this program will earn comp points over time that they can trade in for free money to wager with. The more dedicated players, or those that place larger wagers will move up to the higher tiers of the VIP program where they will earn points faster and pile up the bonus rewards in record time. The VIP program benefits players each time they wager real money on one of the games and it’s a benefit that continues to pay out all the time.

Win Even More in Tournaments

Even though this isn’t a poker room, this online casino still plays host to all sorts of fun tournaments. There are slot tournaments, table game tournaments and more to choose from, and these different competitions give you another way to win while allowing you to really test yourself at the same time.

Huge Potential for Prize Payouts

With a nice selection of progressive jackpot games, as well as a good variety of table games to choose from there are chances to win tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars while playing at Ramses Gold casino. Those opportunities could be life-changing for the right sort of players, and the lucky gamblers that do win big will be thrilled that they signed up to play there.

Ongoing Reward Opportunities for Everyone

The reason that gambler stick with this online casino for so long is because of all the different reward opportunities. Players that sign in and play on a regular basis will have all the different monthly bonuses and offers to capitalize on. They will also earn VIP points and can enter into special contests as they come up. Between all these different bonus options there are always ways to earn free money while playing at this casino.

A Mobile Optimized Platform

This site is optimized for mobile devices, which means that players can take their accounts with them on the go. That’s great news for gamblers that like to play away from home. The full site will load up in a web browser on a smartphone or a tablet as well as a full-sized computer. When loaded up properly gamblers can enjoy all the features of the casino that they’ve grown used to. The only difference is that there will be a different list of games to pick through than what’s offered on the full platform for computer users.

Ramses Gold is an Always Online App

There are no software downloads to worry about when playing on this site. Instead, players can open up the full casino in a web browser immediately. This makes the casino more convenient to play at for the players that prefer to switch between their different devices. It also means that new gamblers can get started without first going through a software download.

Users Can Play without Registration

Registration isn’t a necessity for the gamblers that just want to look around at the different options and get a feel for what the site has to offer. That’s because the different games will work just fine in free mode without going through registration. This is excellent news for the players that just want to test things out. Anyone looking to wager real money will have to go through the full registration process and make a real money deposit before this feature opens up.

No Sports Wagering Features

There are no sports betting features to play with while on this casino platform. That means that sports bettors will have to go to a different platform in order to place their wagers.

Stay up to Date with the Latest News

News updates are easy to find to keep track of exactly what is going on at Ramses Gold casino thanks to a regularly updated home page and monthly promotions page. Between these two pages it’s simple to see what has changed about the site and what new offers are available to interested gamblers. Check back often and keep track of all the new and exciting changes that are yet to come.

Flexible Payment Options for Everyone

Ramses Gold stands apart from the other online casinos available today in terms of its payment system. Both the deposit and withdrawal options offered on the platform are customized for each country accepted on the site. That means players can easily select their country and see the different banking tools available. These custom offers include credit and debit cards, eWallet services like Skrill and Neteller, Peer2Peer services, prepaid cards, bank transfers, wire transfers and more depending on the country. This makes banking with the casino simple, fast and convenient overall.

Cryptocurrency Options Aren’t Supported

With a large portion of online casinos accepting cryptocurrency payment methods as a possible option, we were disappointed to see that this online casino doesn’t support any such payment tools. Instead, gamblers will have to stick with more traditional payment methods for depositing and withdrawing their funds.

Accessible Customer Support

Sometimes it’s necessary to reach out to customer support to get help for a problem that arises while wagering online. That’s why we look closely at the help tools and contact methods offered by online casinos. Ramses Gold does very well to support its customers. Players can find answers in a comprehensive FAQ section to quickly resolve many types of problems. When the FAQ section isn’t enough, it’s possible to talk directly with customer support by dialing the support number, connecting through the live chat service or emailing the company. Each method works well, but live chat proved to be the fastest way to get help from the company during our tests. Ramses Gold is an excellent gambling platform that plays host to some of the best online games that can be found today. Take a long look at the casino site and you’ll see hundreds of games, a few exciting promotional offers and some cool bonus features like tournaments and a solid VIP program.