SpeedyBet Sportsbook

SpeedyBet sure does make it sound like this is an easy site to use when you want to make some sporting bets. If you like following your favorite sport, make sure you are ready to check out this site, which promises to provide a no fuss experience.

Create your account from the home page today

The site gives you an easy way to get started, with the invitation to start playing appearing inside a cool green background. You can select that option, complete your details, and get started from there. The site is intelligent enough to tell you whether you are from a permitted jurisdiction too. You’ll see a message if your country is not supported by SpeedyBet.

Sports betting made easy?

We think so, yes. The site offers more sports than you might expect, with your favorites popping up alongside several others. There are American football, boxing, golf, and volleyball options, along with others such as floorball and handball. Simply pick your sport and find out more about live events and upcoming events to bet on.

It doesn’t appear that eSports betting is provided

While real sports appear in many sites like this one, SpeedyBet doesn’t seem to have a section devoted to them.

Famous worldwide sporting events always get a look in at SpeedyBet

Expect the most famous events in every participating sport to appear on this online betting platform. If you select a specific sport, you’ll see some famous upcoming events appearing underneath the main sport heading. These change throughout the year as new big-name events are ready to play out.

Watch out for upcoming promotions on the home page

There does appear to be a welcome deal, but this could be restricted to the casino rather than the sporting arena (yes, they have a casino to look round too).

You can try the mobile sportsbook too

You aren’t restricted to using the SpeedyBet site on your computer. If you want to make a few bets and you’re using a tablet or smartphone, you shouldn’t experience any issues when doing so. Your same login details are fine to access the site on mobile platforms.

Is there a sportsbook app to use?

They do have an app in the App Store that is suitable for iPad and iPhone. There is nothing available for Android yet.

Learn about sportsbook odds before placing your bets

You’ll find the sportsbook is easy enough to use. However, you should read all the info provided on the site to learn more about sportsbook odds and how they work before using the site. Various odds are provided, and it is easy to select the wager you want to make with the odds given before you make it official.

Can you get a free bet?

They have a 100% welcome bonus available with relevant terms and conditions attached, so you can use your bonus to make sporting bets if you wish. Read the full details attached to that bonus before you claim it.

Are there sportsbook limits in force?

You can read the rules pertaining to individual sports by selecting them in the relevant area. If any limits are in play, they should be mentioned there.

Learn more about sportsbook betting trends too

SpeedyBet is a great place to make some wagers. The design of the site is easy to understand, making life easy for you when you get started on the site. However, you might want to read more about trends prior to making your bets. They could help you figure out whether you want to make certain bets over others. The more you know, the better your own odds of winning could be.

How are deposits and withdrawals made?

SpeedyBet uses Trustly to process payments. The good news is this means all withdrawals made should be instant, so there is no waiting involved.

Discover the experiences of others in a sportsbook forum

You might hear mention of SpeedyBet when you use online forums based around sportsbooks and similar services. If this interests you, it might be good to read more about the service prior to signing up to use it.

Do they offer good customer service?

Yes, there is a live chat feature you can use. They also have a good FAQ area, not to mention separate guides to betting on each individual sport.