Super Stack Poker Casino

Isn’t that a cool name for a casino? We think so, and we think you’ll agree. Poker is a key feature here, but you can also expect to find plenty of other games to check out. Let’s dive in and see what we can find at this casino.

Software on offer at the casino

If you want to play poker at this casino, you can download their free poker platform onto your computer. The site also has several casino areas to visit though, and there are different software providers included in each one.

So, does each casino area have a separate lobby?

Yes, and while it might take some getting used to, you’ll soon see you can head for whichever lobby has the best mix of games for you. Super Stack Poker Casino may sound confusing to start with, but once you’ve looked around, you’ll appreciate the format.

Look around before you join the casino

The format at this casino is different from anything you might have tried before. As such, we recommend you view each of the separate casino areas prior to doing anything else. You can then figure out if you like them enough to sign up.

Signup restrictions in force at the casino

They state that only those aged 18 and over are permitted to use the casino. You should confirm there are no local laws that have a higher limit in force though. It is also wise to see if you are barred from gambling online at sites like this before you sign up.

Should you expect to see all kinds of casino games at Super Stack Poker Casino?

Yes, although some casino areas might have games that do not appear in others. There are mini games in other parts of the casino too, and a lottery area as well. The theme or presentation of each casino portion is different, so you might see different things going on in each one. Betsoft’s 3D slots get pride of place in one, while another gives you the chance to try lots of jackpot games, for example.

Do slots appear across the board here?

Slots are best found inside the Grand Casino. However, you’ll find a smaller yet still appealing selection in the Bonus Casino. That’s why it is always good to see which slots are in each area before selecting your best one to try.

Demo games give you the best experience before playing for real

You should have an account to access these, but once you have handled that part of the process, you can get on with trying some demo games in your chosen casino area.

Paid games give you a chance to net some proper prizes

Demos give you an experience only, while the paid games do present you with a chance to get some winnings in your account. Nothing is guaranteed, of course, but you can certainly get ready to find out whether you can find a game or two that sits well with your budget.

New slot games from assorted developers

It is worth remembering that one casino area might have games from a different source to another. That means you may find new games in one area and not in another whenever you visit. It does perk things up though and it certainly makes things more interesting.

What kinds of promotions should you expect to see?

Again, the promotions can vary depending on which casino you are in. However, we also recommend you visit the Player Advantages portion of the overall site, accessed from the bottom of the page. This means there are promotions unique to certain casino areas, while there are others all players can enjoy too.

Any tournaments worth noting?

Some casinos have them… and others do not. We think you probably get the idea by now. Look out for the tournament option in the casino menu. If it is there, you know there are some, if it is not… enough said, right?

Casino winners don’t get highlighted

Super Stack Poker Casino doesn’t seem to worry about celebrating with its winners.

Rewards are available for poker players

These are known as Grand Poker Points, but we didn’t see any information on something similar that casino players could collect.

Do you need an app to visit the casino on a mobile device?

No. Each casino area has a selection of games and some games can be played on mobile devices. If so, you will see an icon that indicates this. Android, iPad, and iPhone devices are fine to use when visiting the casino.

Play without registration if you wish

This is limited to the demo games, of course, but it does show that you can check out some titles prior to doing anything else. It gives you a chance to see if one casino experience is better for you than another, too.

Can you try instant play games?

Yes, this is the best way to appreciate the range of games throughout all the areas at the casino.

Check out their affiliate program too

If you have a website that could benefit from being part of this program, you can read about it when you view that portion of the site.

Sporting services, betting, and bookies too?

Yes, these are part of the main menu at Super Stack Poker. There isn’t much they haven’t covered, is there?

We didn’t find a blog or forum though

One area they didn’t cover, although it is rare to find anything like this at a casino.

Live dealer games can be tried too

Visit the Vegas Live Dealer portion of the menu to view their latest live dealer games. There aren’t many of them available, but the most familiar titles will be there to see.

Depositing money into your account

Credit cards can be used at this casino, but Bitcoin is fine too.

Making a withdrawal using Bitcoin

It looks as if this is the best option for all players. While you can deposit using other methods, this is the easiest way to get to your cash.

Bitcoin has no fees attached to it

Just another good reason to select this as your preferred banking method, don’t you think? We didn’t spot any deals relating to Bitcoin deposits though. If anything does appear, you can expect to see it in the promotions area.

What should you do if you need some help?

We suggest using live chat above all else, as it guarantees a speedy response. There is a help center as well, in which the link to the live chat facility is provided.