Sword of Ares Slots

If you love to read about mythology or adventure, you'll love Sword of Ares Slots. The game is a sequel to Gates of Olympus,. While the two games share some similarities like the use of a scatter pay system with its predecessor, Ares outshines the previous entry. Ares awards growing multipliers, which are unlocked differently than in Gates of Olympus. Like Gates of Olympus, an animated character in Ares stands by the reels. The character is Ares, who is best remembered for being the God of War. While Ares does not have the same cloud-like aura as Gates of Olympus, the game is still set in the idyllic setting of a Greek coliseum with columns covered in moss.


Ares emanates the atmosphere of Ancient Greece given the architecture and columns depicted in the game's visuals. There's also a depiction of Ares at the side of the game field who moves around carrying a gigantic sword. When it comes to symbols, players encounter carries, swords, helmets, and shields as well as gems as regular symbols, while the scatter card is an Ares symbol.

Gameplay Features

Whenever the player obtains a winning cluster in Ares, the tumble feature is activated. Tumble removes all winning symbols from the game's reels. Symbols then cascade down from above to fill in any vacant spots. If a player is lucky enough to have a new cluster win after the symbols have cascaded down, the fallen symbols are replaced too. If a player does not obtain a new cluster, the sequence concludes and a player is paid out the total win.

Multipliers can be found in Ares, even though they operate distinctly from previous Pragmatic Play games. A meter in the game reveals 3 multiplier values during the base game and 6 values in free spins. These multipliers begin each of the player's new spins locked. After tumbles happen, the player collects either all the winning or exploded symbols. Additionally, multipliers in Ares are unlocked at fixed collection points. Following the conclusion of a tumble sequence, the total that a player receives is multiplied by the largest unlocked multiplier. While the first multiplier can result in 2 to 4 x multipliers being unlocked when 20 symbols are collected, the third multiplier results in 9 to 15 times multipliers being unlocked when 100 symbols are collected.

Also on the game field, players encounter four types of bombs during both regular and free spins. If a bomb is initiated, the bomb remains on the screen until the player has exhausted all winning scatters. The bomb then explodes and removes any matching symbols on the board, whether the matching symbols are in horizontal, cross, vertical, or X patterns.


Improving on Gates of Olympus by offering improved gameplay, Ares is a memorable experience. Ares is also an immensely enjoyable game to play. Pragmatic Play has combined scatter wins with its tumble mechanics, symbols, and multipliers in a compelling way. With the increased win cap and the new gameplay functions, Ares is a great game for anyone who played Gates of Olympus as well as those new to the series.