Tanzakura Slots

Tanzakura is a Samurai themed slot game with some very cool looking symbols. Each one fo the symbols used in the slot game are custom, and they give it a mysterious look that’s pretty appealing. The backdrop of this slot shows off a beautiful mountain or volcano along with a nice sunset and it’s just a serene looking slot. Once you get started playing you’ll notice the game is a bit more dynamic and exciting than the look would suggest, but overall we found the slot to be quite relaxing.

Massive Coin Wagers

Even though coin sizes are limited to just $0.25 each, you can put so many coins into play per round that you can still place massive wagers while playing Tanzakura. This slot game has a total of 50 paylines, and you can play up to 5 coins per line if you like. With the way the slot is setup, you can have a minimum of 50 coins in play with one on each of the lines, and you can have a maximum of 250 coins in play with 5 coins per line. That means you can wager between $0.50 and $62.50 depending on the values that you assign to coins and how many coins you have going at once. That’s not a bad range to work with and it gives you a chance to unlock some pretty impressive wins as well.

A Smaller Jackpot

The jackpot payout in Tanzakura is just 1,000 coins, or a total of 5,000 coins if you have five coins per line active. That’s not a whole lot of cash when you consider that coin values are locked at a maximum of $0.25. That means the biggest win you can unlock from this slot game is $1,250 if you get the maximum jackpot with the highest wager in place. That’s not a bad prize win, but it’s smaller than what you can get at other slot games.

Win Bigger with Wilds

Wilds are your friend in this slot game and should be utilized whenever possible. While they can create the jackpot payout of 1,000 coins if you manage to get five of them, they also lead to larger wins even if you don’t line them up across an entire payline. Any win that uses a wild is doubled in size instantly. That means that you can trigger some seriously good prize payouts with help from wilds.

Free Spins

When you get three or more scatter symbols you’ll trigger the free spin bonus round in Tanzakura. This bonus gives you between 10 and 16 free spins depending on how many scatters you get to trigger the round. During the free spin round you won’t enjoy any additional benefits, though you’ll probably pick up a win or two for free during your free rounds.

Pick a Prize

While playing Tanzakura you’ll have the opportunity to pick a prize if you’re lucky enough to get three or more of the Feature Game Symbols. With those symbols you’ll open up the bonus game where you’ll have a chance to try and pick a good solid prize for you to profit from.

Tanzakura is a pretty simple slot game that doesn’t offer any exciting prize payouts, but it’s still a joy to play. The slot game pays out prize money frequently, and will give you some solid opportunities to win big as you go from one round to the next. Give the slot game a try and you might chain enough wins together to still walk away with a solid win.