Tropica Casino

Tropica casino shows promise, but not for all gamblers. Learn the pros and cons of this powerful online platform.

Tropica casino is a beautiful Rival Powered site that offers more than 100 different games in multiple different formats for casino players. The site looks better than most others we’ve tried today, and it was the appearance of this casino that drew us in and made us want to test out all the other features that it has to offer. Below is what we uncovered during our testing phase. Learn what you can’t tell immediately by looking through the casino website and find out what the good and bad is with this site. Hopefully that can help you decide if this is the next site for you to join.

Games Built on Reliable Software

There isn’t a huge variety of games to choose from, but all of them are high-quality. The different games are all crafted by Rival Powered, a major software development company known for making nice-looking casino games. The company doesn’t offer a huge library of games, but it offers some of the most enjoyable games that you’ll find online today. It’s also a flexible software platform and allows gamblers to play casino games just the way that they want to.

Slots, Table Games and More

Some casinos focus heavily on slots while forgetting about the other options, others dig into bingo and video poker games and forget about the slots. Tropica casino offers a nice mixture of both. You can get different slot games, you have access to some top-tier table games, there’s bingo and specialty game options and there are progressive jackpot games for the gamblers that want to get rich. No matter what type of casino gambler you are you’ll find at least a handful of games that appeal to you. With that said, the sheer number of games on this site is small compared to others. You’ll have a bit over 100 games to pick through, which could grow old with months of play.

A Clean and Airy Lobby

What the casino lacks in game variety it makes up for in style. The site is clean, uncluttered and simple to navigate. A single upper menu gets you through the most important features. There is a cluster of game buttons to pick through lower down that will put you in front of the category of games you are most interested in. Other than those two menus you won’t have much to worry about when accessing the different features of the site, and that’s the benefit of playing at Tropica Casino as a new gambler.

Classic, Video and Progressive Slots

There are more slot games than any other type at Tropica. Choose from the very simple 3-reel classic slot games to get started, or go with something more sophisticated and challenging by looking at the video slot game varieties. If those aren’t enough to keep you intrigued you can also dig through the progressive jackpot slot games as well. These slots have the potential to offer hundreds of thousands of dollars in progressive jackpot payouts and they’re truly exciting to play around with.

Try Games Free of Charge

While not every casino offers this benefit, Tropica Casino is one of the online establishments that offers most of its games free to play if you just want to test things out. By doing a bit of digging you’ll uncover all the different features and bonuses offered by the games, and you can get a feel for the different games on the site as well. Try games out for free and before you know it you’ll have a list of your favorite games you want to try using real money. You do have to register for an account before you can play any games, even if you only want to gamble with play money.

Swap to Real Money Wagering in a Flash

When you’re ready to start betting with real money the process to switch is a quick and easy one. You’ll already have a free account with the site. You just have to deposit some real money and you’ll be ready to begin wagering. There are simple deposit methods to choose from and it’s possible to fund your account on the same day that you join.

New Slots are Released Occasionally

Since Rival Games is a smaller company than many other gambling companies available today the game releases aren’t as frequent as what you might expect from a place like Microgames. New games are put out on a regular basis though and as a member of the site you’ll have a game or two to try out every month. Stick with the casino and you’ll come across new experiences that make you glad you kept playing there. Give it enough time and you’ll have new variety to experience.

Highly Restrictive Access

Tropica casino doesn’t allow gamblers from all countries to sign up and start playing. In fact, a long list of countries are kept from using the casino’s services. If you’re going to start wagering on the site make sure your country isn’t on the forbidden list. Much of Europe, Canada and parts of the US are kept from accessing the site. Look at the accepted options and use that information to help you decide whether to submit an application or not to get you started.

No Deposit Free Spins

As a brand-new player that’s just testing out Tropica casino you have the opportunity to get familiar with the site and to try wagering with real money without spending any of your own money thanks to the no deposit welcome bonus. This bonus gives you 25 free spins just for signing up for an account. Not only will you get those free spins, but you’ll also unlock the ability to free play the different games you are interested in so you can thoroughly try the casino out before you play for real.

Three Deposit Match Bonuses for New Players

New gamblers at the casino can unlock deposit match bonuses over their first three deposits into the platform. These special bonuses are worth up to $2,000 in free cash to the players willing to maximize them. The first bonus is a 200% match worth up to $500. The second is a 100% match worth up to $500 and the final bonus is an astounding 400% match worth up to $1,000. These bonus offers will make it more enjoyable than ever to become a gambler at Tropica casino so sign up and start cashing in that bonus cash as soon as possible.

No Ongoing Promotional Offers

Tropica Casino offers impressive bonuses to brand-new gamblers at the site, those bonuses fade off quickly though after the third deposit has been made into the site. At that point there are few promotional offers to take advantage of. There will occasionally be a deposit match bonus, but for the most part you’ll be wagering without special bonuses while you play on the site.

No Tournament Options

When testing out Tropica casino we didn’t see any tournament opportunities to take part in. That was a let down for us and was one of the first areas that Tropica didn’t stack up to the competition. If you enjoy playing in tournaments against other gamblers you will be disappointed with the lack of options at Tropica casino. There’s no word if tournaments will be added to the site in the future either so check for the option before joining yourself.

Huge Payouts

Between the specialty games and the progressive jackpot slot games there are opportunities to win hundreds of thousands of dollars from huge prize wins while playing the games at Tropica casino. If you’re looking for a site that offers serious win potential, this casino meets those requirements and is a good option for the gamblers that dream big.

The Site Lacks Ongoing Reward Programs

Tropica casino stands out because of its welcome bonus offers and is a powerful site for new gamblers looking to make the most of their early deposits. The site falls short over time though in terms of ongoing rewards. There are few reward programs and promotions for veteran players are rare as well. If you plan to stick with the site over time you may find yourself playing without rewards for extended periods which can hurt the gambling experience.

Mobile Wagering is No Problem

Whether you’re on Android, iOS or even Blackberry devices you should be able to take advantage of most of the features at Tropica casino. The games on the site are designed to run in a mobile web browser and to look good doing it. You can play slots, table games and more right in the browse rfor your smartphone and take your favorite games with you on the go. This is one major benefit that gamblers will enjoy as members of this online casino.

Instant Play or Download Casino Options

Tropica casino offers two different types of gambling platforms, instant play and download. With the instant play platform it’s possible to load up all the different games right in a web browser without downloading any sort of software. This is the option that most new gamblers choose so they can wager immediately. With the download platform you add software to your computer to access even more games and to occasionally enjoy smoother gameplay performance. This is a less popular option, but some players prefer this type of casino so it’s nice to have both options.

A Basic Affiliate Program

As a member of the Reffiliate affiliate program Tropica casino is simple to market, but not the most lucrative affiliate opportunity for serious marketers. There is a good mix of web properties that you can represent as a member of this specific affiliate program, but you won’t unlock the most lucrative payouts or revenue share opportunities. It’s just an okay affiliate marketing opportunity.

Lacking Sports Wagering Options

Sports betting is a desired feature for many online gamblers today. This feature is lacking at Tropica casino. If you’re hoping to join to place wagers on professional or college sports you won’t get what you’re looking for from the casino. It’s dedicated to casino games specifically and that’s part of the charm that the site offers. It’s simple to navigate and comes with just enough features to keep most gamblers interested .

No Blog or Forum Access

Blogs are great for news and forums are useful for forming friendships and talking about the best gambling options at a specific casino. Neither of those features are available at Tropica casino. We didn’t miss either of these features too much since the site doesn’t offer promotional opportunities very often anyway. Players that want to connect with other gamblers can do so on external forums as well.

Equipped with Live Dealer Games

Even though there is not a huge selection of games to pick through, there are live dealer games at Tropica casino. This is a major asset to the players that enjoy table games because it gives them a more immersive way to enjoy the games. With the live dealer games players can load up a window that shows a real dealer handing out cards and making other decisions that affect the game.

Banking Made Simple

There are very few banking options to choose from when moving money in and out of Tropica casino. You essentially have credit and debit cards, eWallet solutions and cryptocurrency. You can deposit using Visa or MasterCard, as well as Skrill, Neteller and Bitcoin. Each of the options is fast and reliable for making a deposit.

Withdrawing money can be done using Neteller, Skrill and Bitcoin, but Bitcoin is often the simplest tool of the three. There are minimum withdrawal amounts that you must meet to take your money out of your account, so make sure you save up enough cash in your casino account to access it.

Just Bitcoin is Supported for Crypto Options

Many casinos today are offering support for Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin as well as some other lesser-known cryptocurrency solutions. It’s nice that Tropica casino offers support for Bitcoin, but it’s too bad that the site doesn’t work in some additional cryptocurrency options as well. This leaves the options feeling a bit lacking and can keep some players from using their deposit or withdrawal method of choice.

Poor Customer Support

The one issue that we had with Tropica casino that we can’t overlook is the site’s poor customer support. With just an email address to contact the team through it is nearly impossible to get quick help for problems that you face. Support does answer questions, but you need to be patient to use this casino.

Due to a smaller selection of games, lack of good customer support and not very many ongoing promotional offers it’s difficult to recommend this casino. The site offers high quality games to play around with and a powerful welcome bonus, but once you’ve played the options and you’ve completed the welcome deposits you’ll grow tired of this site.