Turkey Shoot Wild X Slots

A turkey shoot is something few of us will ever indulge in. So, what does the slot game named after that idea have in store for us? Once you see the developer name and some of the details for this online slot, you might be tempted to indulge…

Who came up with this idea?

This is a game from WGS, and you might already be familiar with some of their other Wild X titles along the same lines.

They have a demo ready for you to try

This is good to know, because a few spins of that version of the game will set you up nicely for trying the real thing if you like it.

Can you figure out what the theme is?

The turkey is a huge clue… and if you were thinking about Thanksgiving, you were right in doing so.

Does it have a truly Thanksgiving design?

No, apart from the turkey there is little else here based on that theme. The regular symbols are ones you would see on a classic one-armed bandit. The backdrop above the reels is nice, featuring the turkey and some fall colors.

Learn more about Turkey Shoot Wild X

This is a three-reel game, if you hadn’t already figured it out. There isn’t a jackpot here other than the one included in the game. The most important icon is not the turkey but the 2x game logo. This is the substitute and can replace other symbols and provide a 2x boost to anything it helps you secure as a prize.

Another logo is important to the game too, except this one says 5x and is also a wild. If you find three of these on the payline, the jackpot is yours. The top prize is 15,000 credits, assuming you wagered three coins on the line and that prize dropped.

You can also benefit from a 10x multiplier on a prize if a 2x wild, a 5x wild, and another icon appear together on the payline. This gives you an even better prize to look forward to.

Paylines in the game

Just one is provided for you here.

Bet amounts to consider

The coins range from a cent up to five dollars. There is an option to wager one, two, or three of your chosen coins on that line.

The paytable isn’t hard to find

As is the case with most of these games, you can look out for the paytable appearing on the same screen as the reels.

Is there a bonus in this game?

Yes, and that may be a surprise, since many such games do not have them. This one does, and you need a turkey to pop up on the third reel to trigger it. We don’t know the details, but we do know a maximum of 500 credits could be won from it if you get there.

No free spins to be won though

Nothing much more to share there.

RTP is unknown

We haven’t unearthed any information on the return to player value here. We’ll update this segment if we find it.

Our rating for Turkey Shoot Wild X

If you like this series of slots from WGS, chances are this one will be equally appealing. We like it enough to give it 7 out of 10, but we think players wanting more complex slots will find a lack of features to enjoy here.

Winners could trigger a neat jackpot if they are fortunate

This is the hardest prize to trigger, of course. However, with two wild icons popping up occasionally, you might get other prizes even if you don’t manage to get the best one.

Play the demo at participating casinos

There are several offering the range of WGS games, including this one. Be sure you can try it before deciding if this one is good for you.

Are you going to try the real game?

This slot will no doubt attract its fans. Will you be among them?

Go mobile with the turkey if you wish

This game is available across all platforms, so some wild turkey play on Android or iOS is easy to achieve.