Weekend In Raven's Bluff

Ravens Bluff City, also known as the Living City, was a port metropolis in Vesperin, located at the Fire River's mouth on the eastern shores of the Dragon Reach, in the northern region known as the Vast. Home to a great many adventurers and merchants, Ravens Bluff's citizens came from all across Faerûn and represented nearly every race of the civilized lands. As diverse as its populace was, the collective city's interests were focused between the mercantile nation of Sembia to the southwest and Mulmaster to the northwest. The power balance and political atmosphere of the Bluff had been influenced by power groups such as the Zhentarim, the Red Wizards of Thay, and the Lords of Westgate.


During the late 14th century DR, Ravens Bluff was a rapidly-growing, young city, rife with opportunities for adventure to be found, intrigue to be unraveled, and riches to be earned. It appealed to the local aristocracy as a beacon of civilization in an uncultivated land just as much as it did to "frontier folk" looking for new opportunities in life. This reputation carried on into the 15th century, as Ravens Bluff eclipsed Calaunt both in size and attraction for those travelers passing through the northern lands.