Zar Casino

If the name Zar Casino seems familiar to you, it could be because you are familiar with the South African rand. The code for that currency is ZAR. So, can you guess which audience Zar Casino is intended to impress?

We’ve got that fact out of the way now, but that is just the starting point. It’s now time to discover what else there is to look forward to if you sign up to Zar Casino.

Which software companies are involved?

It’s nice to see a casino that offers games from several places. That is what we get here, too. Saucify, Genii, and Nucleus Gaming titles can all be found inside the lobby. You can see many of the highlights before you even leave the home page.

Exploring the lobby

There is a lot to start poring over when you first visit this casino. For example, while there are plenty of video slots to check out, you also get the chance to play some video poker and table games. You shouldn’t have any issues going through the options to find the best games on the site.

Signing up to play at Zar Casino?

This is done via the link provided on the landing page. You can see they don’t ask for anything unusual. That means you should be able to complete the signup form within a couple of minutes to gain access.

Make sure you are aware of the signup restrictions

Firstly, you must make sure that wherever you live in the world, you’re somewhere that permits online gambling. This is according to the terms and conditions. That said, those details also highlight that the rand is the only currency to use, and that only South African residents can play. So, we guess that wipes out the first stipulation that is given to you, hmm?

Members can look forward to viewing all the available games

Some casinos allow you to browse the entire collection of games before becoming a member. However, that isn’t true of Zar Casino. You do get to view over 50 titles on the home page though, so you get a fair idea of what’s to come before signing up.

Slots for South African casino players

Slot games always take up the lion’s share of space at any casino. The same is true of this one. Look for some of the latest titles on the home page. However, you can expect to access many more once you are inside the casino as a signed-in member.

Free games are available to play

We always suggest trying a few games prior to doing anything else. This gives you a chance to compare games, see whether some appeal more than others, and to find the most affordable ones that meet your preferences.

Paid games are appealing too

Of course, most players do go on to play the real games. There is no need to do this until you’re ready. However, if you do like the idea of having a chance to play for real, you can do so at Zar Casino.

Many games start from the lowest possible bet amount. Go through the available coins for each title and set a budget of rand to work with before you begin.

New slot games from all participating providers

When you are part of a casino that introduces games from several sources, you know it is never going to be long before you’ll spot something new to play. The great thing about this casino is that it avoids the most famous developers. Instead, it uses ones that some players may not have encountered. That means more new experiences to enjoy.

Promotions begin for newcomers

You can receive up to R15,000 free as part of your welcome package, which is claimable with the code ZARWELCOME. You also get the chance to secure 100 free spins on the Big Game slot – very appropriate for a country famous for its Big Five animals in the parks. Use ZARGAME to get hold of those spins.

Elsewhere on the site, the casino has other deals to look over. There are daily deals for some days of the week (although not all). You can also look out for Budget Boosters designed to use at the weekend.

Seasonal promotions seem rife at Zar Casino too – another bit of good news, we think.

Where can you find tournament news?

Zar Casino may hold the occasional tournament, although they do not seem to be plentiful. If you look at the various links provided at the bottom of the website, you can see some tourney events in the news area.

Casino winners aren’t big news here

We guess they are, but they don’t appear to be highlighted by the casino. Not all casinos display huge prizes won by their players, so it isn’t as unusual as you might think.

Rewards on offer at Zar Casino

The site doesn’t seem to have a page devoted to their rewards program. That is unusual; you might think they don’t have one. That’s not the case though.

We read through the terms and conditions as every would-be player should. In doing so, we finally spotted a reference to rewards and loyalty points near the end of that page.

However, it does mean that if you join the casino and you play for real wagers, you can expect to start collecting loyalty points as a member of their loyalty club.

No downloads or apps to bother with

This casino is based on instant play. You don’t need to download a thing if you’re playing on your computer.

Similarly, players who prefer to use their smartphone or tablet to access the casino need not worry about apps, downloads, or constant updates. Everything works using instant play technology.

You must register for an account to play

None of the games are accessible to anyone who doesn’t have membership for the casino. This means even the demo games are only available to those with an account.

Instant play, all day, every day

Yes, you can see by now that Zar Casino is the ideal place to go if you want to try some instant play casino games. No other way of playing is necessary.

Can you be an affiliate for Zar Casino?

Yes, it looks like this is an option. The program is handled by Graphite Affiliates. Visit their website to learn how everything works and to see if it might suit you. The revenue share is impressive, especially during month one.

No sporting facilities are available at Zar Casino

The name suggests this is ‘just’ a casino. That is true, with no sportsbook or racebook in sight. No sporting bookies available here – and that’s just how many casino players like it.

Blog/forum facilities

You won’t find a forum at any casino we can think of. That said, some do have blogs as part of their offering. While Zar Casino doesn’t have one of those, it does offer regular news items. You can look at these by following the links at the bottom of the site.

No live dealer games to play

We’ll advise you if that approach changes. None of the developers in action at the casino are known for offering live casino games, though.

Making a deposit at Zar Casino

You can use Bitcoin if you wish, although they do also accept credit cards.

Withdrawing your winnings

If you manage to spin some successful combos onto the reels of your favorite games, you can withdraw them using Bitcoin. Alternatively, a direct bank transfer would work too.

Bitcoin might be your ideal option

Since this is the method you can use for depositing and withdrawing, it’s going to be an easy one to opt for. Perhaps this is your ideal moment to sign up for Bitcoin if you haven’t already.

Help is always close at hand

The Zar Casino website is helpful and informative. However, if you do need to ask something, you can use their live chat facility to get a quick response. Email access and a phone number are provided too and are easily spotted on the website.