African Grand Casino

This sounds grand enough, so can you expect it to look just as good as it sounds? The casino looks the part, offering a superb theme with lots of perks for players to enjoy. There are some great deals on the home page before you even look elsewhere, so let’s settle in and find out more.

Who provides the software at this casino?

You might recognize some of the great games on offer at this casino. If so, it may not take you long to spot that they are from Realtime Gaming. This is just one of many reasons why you should check out the African Grand Casino in more detail.

Can you expect a good lobby to explore?

Yes, you can easily get to the games you most want to play at this casino. There are sections for all the available games, but you can narrow the options to reveal video slots, video poker, table games, and even a collection of other assorted games to try.

Join the casino from the home page

They even give you the signup form right there when you land on the site, so you won’t need to search for it anywhere else.

Signup restrictions at African Grand Casino

The terms and conditions are far vaguer here than we have seen at other casinos. You should look at the laws wherever you happen to live to see if you can use the casino. There are age limits to consider which vary between locations. If your laws say you can legally gamble on the internet, you should be fine to sign up.

Games fall into several familiar categories

We highlighted these in the lobby area above, so you know which types of casino game you can find there. With progressive jackpots available in some and various features in others, you do get a nice mix of titles to try.

Slot game opportunities at African Grand Casino

There are plenty of reasons why people head to this casino to play slot games. We know they come from RTG, of course, which means you get the chance to check out some cool titles. All their new titles will be available to try, but you can also delve deep into their older collection if you wish.

Demo games are available for members to try

That old try before you buy format is present here, but only for members to participate in. You can see what you think about various games by selecting the demo format rather than the real one.

Playing the real games for an opportunity to get real prizes

Demo games only ever give you the chance to score demo prizes. However, you can get the most out of your time at the casino if you decide to play real games with whatever budget you have available. With lots of varied games offering various bet amounts to choose from, there are lots of reasons why you could end up having a great time with real wagers without blowing your budget.

The new games area reveals where all the new slots are hiding

And by hiding, we mean you’ll spot them whenever you access that area. It’s easy to see the newest titles you can play, and with demo versions available for most if not all of them, you can count on enjoying anything new that crops up.

Promotions at African Grand Casino

They know how to treat their players to a slew of promotions, beginning with a 150% welcome bonus on not one, not two, but five deposits made by each new player. Use the WELCOME code to guarantee you’ll benefit from this.

There are also various deals available for different days of the week, along with various offers across the weekend. Look out for various codes you can use at the weekend as well, ensuring you get a good deal whenever you visit the casino.

Tournaments didn’t appear when we visited

Maybe in future?

Casino winners don’t get a mention

We couldn’t find any news of big winners on the site, or even a list of the most recent payouts made. Not all casinos go for this aspect though, so it is not that unusual.

Rewards can also be earned

There are four separate tiered levels to their VIP Loyalty Program, so it is up to you and your level of play to determine where you end up. If you do not play for a while though, you can lose your existing level and drop to the one below it. The site offers a chart that reveals which bonuses are available to players on various levels.

Can you visit via a mobile device?

You can, with Android and iOS easy to use. Over 180 assorted games can be found inside the mobile casino, and the same login is fine to use for that version of African Grand. Other mobile devices on different platforms are also fine to use.

You must register before you can play

This applies even if you end up wanting to try the demos and nothing else.

Instant play is our favorite

The African Grand Casino is a great one to visit and it gives you everything you could want to play too. With no need for anything to download, you’ll have a fast and convenient way to enjoy the casino.

Could you become an affiliate?

This is uncertain, as there is no mention of anything like this at the casino. You could always email to find out.

Sporting services, betting, and bookies

Nothing of the sort is provided at the casino.

Will you read blogs and forums to find out more about this casino?

Some players or would-be members do this to find out what the casino can offer. Learning from the experiences of others is a good idea if you have the time to browse for some info.

Live dealer games are not provided

There are no live dealers available for the table games at this casino.

How can you make a deposit?

You could use credit cards or EFTPay, but nothing else was mentioned.

How can you make a withdrawal?

The absence of a banking page is an odd omission. The best way to find out how to withdraw funds is to look for further info inside your account.

Bitcoin doesn’t get a mention

We can only guess it is not yet an option at African Grand Casino.

Help can be sought via live chat

This is the best way to get answers to anything you want to know. You can explore the site, of course, but everyone can use the live chat – not just those who have already signed up to the casino.