Cleopatra's Bonus Slots

What comes to mind when you think about Cleopatra? Perhaps the first thing involves an asp and the allegedly horrible way she met her end. Before that, though, she ruled over Egypt as part of the Ptolemaic dynasty.

If history isn’t your strong point, relax. You don’t need to know about her life to play this slot game. We’ll let you know the basics here before you play the game. Are you ready to see whether Cleo can guide you through to a bonus or two?

Who created Cleopatra’s Bonus?

Cleopatra pops up in all manner of games from multiple developers. However, this one comes from Ace Gaming. If you’re unfamiliar with them, this could be the perfect introduction for you.

You should be able to access a demo game

The title has lots of familiar elements involved. If you’re used to playing online slots, you probably know that lots of them come with demos. This is another one of those.

Tackling a popular theme

Cleopatra ruled over Egypt, so we are heading to that familiar ancient place once again in this game. Expect to find yourself inside a temple, with hieroglyphics on the walls and slot game reels in the middle. It all looks quite appealing.

A slightly dated design is evident

That doesn’t take anything away from the game, though. The stone-like appearance of the reels and the surroundings is excellent. The icons in action are basic but are all based on classic Egyptian images.

Scarab beetles, that Egyptian eye symbol, and a close-up of Cleo’s eye all appear during the game.

Learn how to play Cleopatra’s Bonus

There are five reels involved in this game. They are designed to stand out from the screen too, offering a slight 3D effect. There are several special symbols to look for during play, too.

The first of these is that close-up of Cleopatra’s eye. This is a wild symbol, which is labeled as such. Any two or more appearing on a line trigger a prize, but she also substitutes for all the symbols except the other two special ones. We’ll look at those two symbols next.

The first one is a tattered section of a scroll that says FREE SPIN BONUS. The second shows two pyramids and has the word BONUS over the top of them. Yes, there are two special features in this game.

We should also mention that there are no progressive jackpots in the game.

How many paylines are in this game?

You can play on 20 lines if you like what you see here.

Choose your bet wisely

There are several available options when selecting a suitable bet to play with here. You can start at a mere one cent per line, with other coins going through increasing values from there.

The payouts option reveals the paytable

If you look at the top of your screen, you’ll see the game menu on the left and the payouts option on the right. Hit the payouts option and the paytable is revealed to you. It is designed along similar lines to the game itself.

Can you trigger Cleopatra’s Bonus?

With a title like that, you would expect to see a bonus round in this game. You won’t be disappointed either.

Of course, you do need to trigger it to begin. You can do this by finding three bonus symbols (the pyramids) on an active payline. Once this occurs, the bonus round begins. We do not know what is involved as we were unable to trigger it ourselves. Better luck next time, perhaps?

Free spins are available as well

You’ll be able to enjoy some free games if you can find three of the FREE SPIN BONUS icons anywhere in view. This is the scatter symbol, so you can access the round no matter where they fall, providing you have enough of them.

There is no known RTP for this game

We’ll update this portion of our review if we discover the value.

Our rating for the Cleopatra’s Bonus slot game

This is a cool game, based on familiar territory, of course, but delivering a nice experience all the same. We are rating this at 8 out of 10.

How much could be won playing this slot game?

You could net 10,000 coins if you managed to get five wilds on a paid line while playing the maximum wager. If you were playing another size wager, you’d receive 2,000 coins.

Play the demo to find out more

You can see how everything works and figure out if the game holds enough potential for you simply by trying the demo.

Play for real at casinos offering Ace Gaming titles

The slot game is available at several casinos. Check out those that have other Ace Gaming titles you can try as well.

Mobile options for Cleopatra’s Bonus

If you’d rather play this slot game on your Android or iOS smartphone or tablet, you should find that option is available. Simply look for the mobile version of your selected casino to try it there. One login is fine – just go through to the mobile casino and you’ll see the game to play in smaller form. It’s still big on character though.