Faerie Spells Slots

Having playing this game for more than an hour (which I don't normally do) there are no adjectives that would adequately describe this game. I found it to be one of a kind in that I have never played a slot where the free games round takes you to a completely different slot grid. Faerie Spells Slots is exquisitely design, and offers features you may have not seen or played before.

About the Game

Powered by Betsoft, Faerie Spells Slots offers some of the best features I have played in quite some time. Yes, I do have my favorites; but Faerie Spells takes the top of the list and will remain there forever. The special features in this game are awesome. And I do have some tips for players as well.

About the Buy Feature

The Buy Feature, which is set at $800 if you bet the max of $10 per spin, will enable players to buy 25 free spins. I bought them twice and I will tell you why. On the Free Spins NEW grid, to the left there are four bottles indicating the jackpots you can win if you fill up the corresponding bottle with the symbols. I will explain more later.

How Many Reels and Paylines are There?

Faerie Spells Slots is a 5-reel, 10-payline progressive bonus video slot. The jackpots include: Riches, Wealth, Luxury, and Plenty. As I mentioned, when you get these like symbols on the reels during the free spins round, the bottle tops will open and the symbols will fall into them. You can see them fill up as they are different colors.

What are the Coin Denominations?

The coin denominations range from 10 cents to $10, with the $10 being the max bet per spin. Depending upon how much you bet, the Buy Feature will range from $8.60 to $800.

Accessing the Paytable

The pay table can be accessed when you click on the small I at the lower left hand bottom of the slot. There are three categories: Paytable, Options, and Autoplay. When you click on the pay table you will have access to the symbols, payouts, special features, and detailed rules.

What are the Special Features in this Game?

The Faerie Queen with the Light Green Wings will activate the Free Spins Round. She will also release the Magic Toadstool Bonus Round. It is this Fairy Queen that you want to get for the Free Spins round so that you can fill up the Fairy Queen Jackpot Bottles on the special free spins round grid. If you get three or more Fair Queen symbols, it will activate the free spins round. However, I found that it does take a while to get the 3 symbols. This is why I recommend you BUY the 25 free spins to give you more of a chance to fill up the Jackpot bottles.

The Jackpot Symbols

There are four jackpot symbols as described earlier. The Riches Jackpot is a Purple Bouquet, The Wealth Jackpot is a Green Wine Bottle, the Luxury Jackpot is a Red Liquor Bottle, and the Plenty Jackpot is a Bottle Full of Honey. Each one gives you their trail length: 9, 9, 7, and 7, respectively.

The Free Spins Jackpot Grid

This new grid plays from left to right with 1,024 ways to win!

The Scatter and the Wild Symbols

This is a Diamond that will appear during the Free Spins Round. When it does, it will pay out a small amount, up to $4 if you bet the max, and will then explode on the reels. The symbols will drop down to accommodate a new symbol. You can get 5 of these Diamond symbols during the free spins round. The Wild symbol is a man covered with leaves and no eyes.

The Magic Toadstool

This symbol will give players prizes but only if it appears with the Faerie Queen.


This is an outstanding game and worth every penny, so bet the max. In the case of the Free Spins, although I did receive 3 Faerie Queens in the normal way, I did opt to buy the 25 free spins twice. When you click on the Buy Feature, the reels will spin and come up with 5 Faerie Queens and announce you have won 25 free spins. This is the most exciting part of this game. I highly, highly recommend you play Faerie Spells Slots at our Betsoft Casinos.