Fat Drac

Fat Drac - two words that may not suggest Halloween to you, at least not to begin with. But if you think of Drac as Dracula, you'll soon make the freaky connection!

Push Gaming pushes this new slot game release in our direction in time for Halloween 2021. We checked it out and we can confirm some of the details for you here.

Not your average kind of vampire…

We haven't met many, admittedly, but there is something about Fat Drac that gives him a friendly appearance. We wouldn't trust him though, as we doubt that would be a sensible move.

It's worth daring yourself to check out this game though, as it has a maximum win value reported at 50,000x your bet. Now that ought to be enough to tempt you into the vampire's lair…

Watch for some prize bubbles to pop up

Forgive the popping gag there, as this is a fascinating element of the game. Prize bubbles are an intriguing part of the Fat Drac slot game, especially as they can contain instant prizes. And the top 50,000x might just be inside one of them if you're fortunate.

Free games aplenty

You can watch as Fat Drac himself begins to pick up goblets during the game. The 5 x 5 game screen has lots happening, and the idea is to collect enough goblets to reach the free games. You'll receive assorted quantities depending on where you get to on the meter.

You might also meet a Fat Bat

Well, this is a vampire-themed slot, so it makes sense that you'd see bats as well, right? The Fat Bat is handy to spot too, because when it appears, it will sit on top of the reels. Any prizes that appeared in bubbles up to that point are gobbled up… and that means there are winnings coming your way.

All this and coffins too

The coffin is a delight whenever it appears because you'll receive a pick feature if it shows up in any part of the game - base game or freebies. If we tell you that it involves bats and bubbles, we bet you'll get an idea of what to expect…

Don't miss your chance to meet Fat Drac and his bats and bubbles this Halloween. The slot should be available at selected online casinos soon.