How to Win at the Casino with $20

Yes, today's online casino industry is indeed a multi-billion dollar industry, and to win the massive million-dollar jackpots, you ordinarily need some bankroll. But with today's tough economic times, inflation, and soaring egg costs, having an extra bankroll might not always be an option. But with the know-how, you might be able to take that $20 and win a jackpot or two.

Focus on RTP

It might sound cliché, but not every slot game pays equally. If you're not working with a lot of funds, then picking slot games with high RTPs will go a long way toward winning some coin. Ideally, you want to pick five-reel titles with an RTP of over 95%.

Higher volatile slot games produce more of a return. The RTP is a breakdown of how much you will get back over the lifetime of a $100 wager. So slot games that rank with a 95% or higher RTP lead to at least a $95 return.

Jackpot Slots Games Are Worth the Try

Jackpot slot games are ideal for low wagers because fortune can swiftly come your way with one reel spin. Non-jackpot games, in comparison, might take the entirety of your bankroll to see a return, let alone break even.

But again, you might have unsuccessful spins, but the next spin can bring home the entire pot. Again, this is because today's slot games work on a progressive network system.

That means all wagers going to that game from international gamblers increase the pot. Therefore, the entire world's misfortune can be your saving grace, all with a $20 bankroll.

Also, not all slot games feature one progressive jackpot. Real-Time Gaming slot games, especially, have slot games that have three or more jackpots, such as the mini, minor, major, and grand jackpot. It's possible you can do one or all of them independently or in succession.

Try your Hand with Low Wager Slots

If you are starting with slot games, three-reel games might be an avenue where you can practice and get your feet wet. Also, three-reel slots and older video slot games come with lower requirements. For example, you can get started for as low as a penny of five cents. That way, you can stretch out that $20 bankroll.

Play Easy Card Games

Generally, table games and poker titles require larger betting hands than slot games. However, some simple poker games, like video poker, can accommodate smaller-budget players. In addition, online casinos that specialize in poker and blackjack games often feature a glossary to help bring you up to speed. They also offer tips on how to make winning bets.

Don't Pass up the Bonuses

Depending on the online casino, you might be able to increase your $20 to $100 or more. It's typical to find deposit bonuses for beginners like yourself. Often, the minimum bet is around $10, so you can easily split that $20 budget and boost your bankroll.

And if you get a friend to sign-up, you might be able to capitalize on the refer-a-friend bonus to build upon your $20.