Fire Dragon Slots

Fire Dragon Slots are the new slots in town and they are there to provide you with a glimpse into the world of fire, of ice and of all things that have to do with dragons and fights. These slots are made with the highest quality video in mind, which is definitely something that stands out and ensures that you enjoy spinning the reels and making things happen. If you love cash in your account, then this is the game to play. With Asian themes and so much more happening, you can enjoy all that comes with the dragon, the fire and the extras that follow.

So what should you expect with this dragon-themed slot?

Why not find out before it hits the online casino near you. You want to be able to cash out with all that comes from the dragons. Who said that 5 reels and 20 paylines wasn't enough? We can be sure that you're getting the cash out you need when you sign up to spin the reels and take the fall. Jackie Chan is the man and he is going to be lighting up the reels with each and every spin that you make and take.

Game Developer and Graphics

The game was made by Real Time Gaming, which is one of the biggest names in the industry and one that comes with the best graphics when you line them up the right way. When this is the case, you can ensure that the right developer is going to give you the right cash.

Real Time Gaming has been a leader in the slot machine industry for years and they continue to provide clear graphics, as well as sounds that follow. Those that want to find a way to get more out of their gaming should always look into playing Real Time Gaming slot machines, including Fire Dragon Slots.

Try It for Yourself with the Demo Play

Demo play is often offered for those that are unsure of whether or not they want to play this game and win some cash. You have to put money into your account to play the game and actually win cash back, but if it is not a fun game to play, you don't want to cash out on the extras. This is why it is important to try out new games through the demo version. This gives everyone an idea of what to expect when spinning the reels to the slot machine.

The Theme and Game Design

The game is designed after Jackie Chan, the man and the fights he is going to be a part of. With many characters that you have known through many of the movies he is in, as well as the symbols that come with the movies. Ninjas come climbing down the screen, masks line up one by one on the screen in front of you and so many other things happen when you spin the reels and see where they land.

As an Asian theme, the dragon is bringing a lot of the ninja fighting scenes to the game. With a spin of the reels, you can make sure that you're lining up the right symbols that pay out the most.

Type of Slot Machine

This slot machine has a lot going on for it. Not only is it a progressive slot machine, where you can land on the right reels and line up the right symbols, but you can also get many bonuses and more when you land on the right ones. This makes the game an all-in-one slot machine to go with for all purposes.

What Does the Paytable Look Like?

The paytable is one that has many symbols that pay out at the higher amount, while others pay out towards the lower end, depending on which they are.

The ninja mask is the scatter symbol and it is one of the higher paying symbols to be aware of. Jackie is the wild symbol and this is the highest paying symbol. It can replace any of the other symbols on the board, except for the scatter symbol that comes around.

There are classic card symbols that come around the board, and these are the lowest paying symbols. If you line them up, like you would with poker, then you can win a small amount but it is not a lot of money as compared to the themed symbols that come around the board.

Some of the other symbols that you can expect to find include the Jeep, masks, dogs and even weapons. These all pay smaller amounts, but not as small as the classic card symbols that come spinning around the reels.

Betting Options Offered

There are many betting options, from the lowest of cents $0.05 to the higher end, putting down $5 per line, you can be sure that you set the betting amount to what you want to win back in your player account. Everyone is better able to enjoy all that comes from the betting options that the game gives.

The higher the betting that you do, the more chances you have to win more into your account. Additionally, you can only win the progressive jackpot if you bet the highest betting amount allowed.

Bonus Rounds Offered by Chan the Man

Bonus rounds are always nice to get, especially when you want a bit of extra cash in your pocket. If you can land on three or more of the ninja masks, then you're welcoming a host of new ways to win and some extras to fill up your account with. You're easily able to enjoy 10 free games when you have this happen. Just make sure to watch them because they are going to throw down some flash bombs. The best part is that these free spins can be retriggered.

If you keep playing, you have the ability to cash in on the jackpot. Of course, you have to bet a higher amount to get it but when you do, you're getting closer than ever to winning. At $5,000, the jackpot resets itself to fill all over again!

Slot Game Ratings and Winners

Those that have come to play the slot machine game have found that this game holds their attention really well. It is nicely made and with Chan, the man added to it, it makes things even better because you know you're out there having a good time and fighting crime, which is what everyone wants, isn't it?

Rated a 4 out of 5 stars, you can expect that good things are happening with this new slot machine. Being introduced to the casinos around the internet, you can put your cash in the slot machine that provides so much.

There are steady jackpot winners. The more players the game has, the higher the jackpot continues to grow and the more players will be able to win the jackpot that is being offered because it is going to continuously fill back up with time and money put into the account.

Many Options to Play for Fun or for Cash

You have the ability to play the game for fun, without having to fill your player account. This allows you to try out the account without having to worry about putting cash into your player account. Once you find out that this is the game for you, you can then put money into your player account and play the game to win some cash back. This is always a great thing to think about. If you want to win some real cash back, you just have to put some cash into your account.

Is it Available for Mobile Play?

Playing Fire Dragon Slots can be done through the use of a smartphone, either iOs or Android. All you have to do is have the online casino app downloaded to your phone. From there, you need to have a player account. Sign into your account and you can find the slot machine game that provides you with a way to play while on the go. This and many other fun and exciting games are offered through your mobile device.

As a Real Time Gaming game, you can be sure that you are getting the most from the slot machine that offers so much to the player. Everyone is then able to make the most of the many options that are being offered. The symbols pay left to right, so you just have to watch the reels and see where they land. If you're ready to play in one of Jackie Chans movies, then now is the time for you to do so. You can enjoy all that comes from the game and the excitement that comes from pulling the reels and seeing where they land