Gems of Serengeti Slots

You shouldn't be shocked that this beautiful game can be found in many online gaming lobbies; it's an eminently safe waltz through the otherwise dangerous Serengeti, where the mighty game animals and hunters can be found as the symbols on the reels. Released in the latter part of 2022, this new entry into the annals of online casino gaming lore has already gained a ton of steam and is a favorite among players. Few things beat being able to be part of a safari without the burden of the clammy heat of the Motherland. At least that's what you can tell yourself as you wistfully yearn for the open and exciting air of proximity.

Animals, warriors and maidens in distress form the theme on the hot and arid African plains. You can line up the symbol combinations for multiple different wins on the paylines, as long as you're playing for real cash and made a wager before that round. Next, we will take a gander at the game symbols and their various values per combo.

Symbols of the Serengeti

Diving right into the icons of interest, we will initiate this section with the top symbols and their respective payouts. The first of these is the Warrior Prince; this fearsome-looking icon will get you a nifty $37.50 if five appear on the game board at the same time; alternatively, the Warrior Prince is still worth $10.00 if four of a kind land on the reels, and you have to be satisfied with a three dollar payout for three of a kind of the Warrior Prince. His compatriot symbol is only worth slightly less, and is represented by the visage of a Beautiful Warrior Princess of the sub-Saharan persuasion. If you get five of a kind of the Warrior Princess symbol you win $30; if she shows up four times simultaneously you win $7.50, and three of a kind of the Beautiful Warrior Princess delivers a fistful of two dollars on the payout lines. Coming in third we have the king of beasts with the Afro-Asiatic lion symbol. Landing five of the Afro-Asiatic lion icon gets you $20; for four of the Afro-Asiatic lion symbol you win five dollars, and three of a kind of the Afro-Asiatic lion icon wins you $1.50.

The other two character symbols are definitely not slouches: the lioness and the bird of prey. Five lioness symbols showing up delivers $15 to the real money player; for of a kind of the lioness symbol is worth four dollars, and a triplet of the lioness icons on the game board get you $1.25. The bird of prey - which looks like a vulture feasting on carrion - is worth slightly less; five of a kind of the bird of prey pays $10, whereas four bird of prey symbols pays three dollars, and three bird of prey symbols are worth one dollar.

As pertains to the Ace and the King concluding icons, five of a kind of either one pays out a pre-good $7.50; for four of the Ace or the King icons you win $2.00, and three of either one pays $0.60. The other two low-paying icons are the Queen and the Joker; five of any one of these pays you $5.00; for four of a kind of the Joker or the Queen symbol you win $1.00, and three of a kind pays you $0.40 for either one.

Special Icons to Enact the Bonus Rounds

As is almost always true for spectacular video pokies, there are two special bonus icons in this game that have the potential to take your gameplay to the moon and back. One of these is the titular Bonus Scatter substitute; it shows up on three of the available five reels in the game - these would be the first, third and fifth reels. It has two primary abilities: first of all, it rebuffs the wild symbols attempts to replace it, and second of all it can unlock the free games rounds. Look for its appearance to extend your gaming time.

The second bonus attribute is encompassed by the Wild Visage in Gems of Serengeti Slots. Excluding the Bonus symbol, the substituting Wild Visage can exchange every other symbol in the game to help complete a winning combination and activate the pay lines. Unlike the Bonus, the Wild can appear on every single one of the five available reels. When it does do this, five of a kind of the Wild Visage returns a $50 reward; for of a kind of the Wild Visage symbol returns a $15 reward, and three of a kind of the Wild Visage gets the Player a 5 dollars reward.

A Lion Safari of the Safe Variety - Download Gems of Serengeti

Pragmatic Play has a history of outdoing itself when it comes to online casino pokies - it has always stood up well against Real Time Gaming and the other giants of the online casino gaming space. With Gems of Serengeti Slot, it adds to the list of top African adventure slots out there; you are welcome to try your hand at it today and see how well you fare. Play without obligation by simply visiting the Flash site associated with your online casino of choice that carries Gems of Serengeti Slots. Otherwise, download now and get to betting on those paylines to see what the winning combinations produce. Good luck.