Snakes & Ladders – Snake Eyes Slots

Although the name is quite a mouthful, Snakes & Ladders - Snake Eyes Slots is a pokey which really almost redefines what you can expect from the new spate of online casino gambling games that are due to hit the cyberspace Airways this year. You've got moving tokens in the form of character symbols that can payout handsomely, as they skate around the 5x3 grid and potentially maximize the 10 available pay lines with winning combinations. The graphics are Chris and businesslike, and do not seemingly spare any expense to bring you a realistic look and feel. Among the many symbols, you'll find an open banana peel, a white block camera substitute icon, the usual suspects with poker playing cards, a titular bonus symbol, a peeking basket and in erstwhile cobra snake. After the side of the screen are two wooden ladders on the right into wooden matters on the left, in keeping with the name of the game. The

Among the many possibilities when it comes to winning, you should look for the five of a kind symbols to land so that you can win anywhere from 5-10 times your wager, and 15-50 times same. Just make sure you wager a prescribed steak at the start of the game upon download to make sure that you can collect your winnings. There's also a free version available with the Adobe flash program, which does not require a download and can be played inside your mobile or desktop browser (as long as it's Apple Safari, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox).

Bonus, Bonus, Bonus!

A point of considerable interest in these kinds of online pokies other paying bonus symbols - if only because they truly enhance the game in ways that often lead to more winnings for the real money player. In Snakes & Ladders Slots, the first of these is the Wild Dice icon. Among its multitude of attributes, the most powerful is the fact that he can replace every other symbol save for the scatter/bonus. If you are fortunate enough to land the substitute Wild Dice, then you are in the running to win various multipliers to increase your number of available spins for that game. The multipliers you can win are either 3x, 2x, or 1x. Furthermore, if you managed to land a handful of the Wild Dice icon then you still can get a monetary payout of $50.00. If you land for substituting Wild Dice icons then you can count on a $25.00 reward, and three of a kind of the Wild Dice get you $10.00.

The backup top symbol is the Bonus; it has the title of this Pokey inscribed on it in festive font and colors. This is the only Bonus symbol in the game, and you can show up on every single real to help enhance your gameplay.

Snakes and Ladders Pokie Paytable

Net Entertainment's Snakes & Ladders has been the pokey of choice for real money gamers for quite some time now - even though it was released just a few months ago. It's just gotta be the symbols, which is why we are going to delve into the particulars of the pay table next. The highest paying icon in this video slot is none other than King Kong, himself, replete with his resplendent golden crown. For five of a kind of the Crown King Kong icon, you receive a healthy $50.00 on the payout lines; four of a kind of the Crowned King Kong icon pays you $25.00, and as pertains to the highest paying icon we have three Crowned King Kong symbols paying you $10.00.

There is a single role of similarly-middle-paying icons in the game; we go through them here. The first of these is the Open Banana; five of a kind of the Open Banana icon is worth $20.00; four of a kind of the Open Banana pays you $10.00, and three of the Open Banana icon pays you $5.00. Following this fruit is the Coiled Cobra Snake symbol; five of a kind pays you $20.00, getting four of a kind of the Coiled Cobra Snake symbol pays you $10.00, and three Coiled Cobra Snakes produce a result of $5.00 as a payout. The third symbol looks to be a Peeking Basket - but that's only because there appears to be a strange animal peering out from underneath the lid. For five of the Peeking Basket your prize is $15.00; for four of a kind of the Peeking Basket symbol you win $7.50, and three of the Peeking Baskets pays you $3.00.

Now we get to the poker card emblems in the game, starting with the golden Ace; five of these pays you $10.00, whereas four golden Ace jackets pays you $4.00, and three golden Ace symbols are worth $1.50. Next is the Orange King symbol, five of which appearing simultaneously gets you a payout of $10.00, four Orange Kings are worth $4.00, and three Orange Kings pays you $1.50. Five of a kind of the green Queen pays you $5.00, four of the green Queens pays you $1.50, and three of a kind of the green Queen symbol pays you $0.50. Next is the aquamarine Joker suit; five of these pays you $5.00, four of a kind of the aquamarine Joker pays you $1.50, and three of a kind of the aquamarine Joker is worth $0.50. Concluding this review we have the hot pink 10 on the pay table; five of them pays you $5.00, four of a kind of the high-paying 10 symbol pays you $1.50, and three of them pays you $0.50.

Download Snakes & Ladders - Snake Eyes Slots for Full Access

Although you can play for free, as mentioned at the start of this review, we humbly recommend downloading for full access. There's no question that Snakes & Ladders - Snake Eyes Slots would be one of the most exciting real-money sausage he played in this early part of the new year. As it is a game of chance, there are no guarantees other than you have fun - so download today!