House of Fun

So… what is the House of Fun and why does it offer free slots to play? Firstly, we should make it clear that the House of Fun is not your usual online casino. It doesn't reveal real prizes - only social gaming. You can play all kinds of slots once you're set up with an account, but you never need to deposit a dime to do so. There are no real winnings here - only coins you can use to keep playing the entertaining slots.

Play however you wish

You can play online by logging into your account, but you've also got the chance to download the relevant app from the App Store or via Google Play.

Sign up and you can choose a gift too. You'll get the chance to choose 10,000 coins or 100 free spins. Once you've chosen the one you prefer, you can sign up using your email address or play using Facebook by connecting to your account there.

How can you get more free coins?

The casino tells you more about how to do this. Check out the game lobby for starters, but make sure you follow the casino on social media too. It looks like you can often pick up extra coins that way. And you can also receive more every three hours, so whenever you log into your account and the three-hour countdown is up, expect more coins to come your way.

Expect plenty of Vegas slots to try too

There are lots of great slots to play at House of Fun. Look out for Rapid Fire Jackpot games, progressive slots, and those based on popular themes such as fairytales and Egyptian settings.

You can't see the entire collection of free slots to play at House of Fun until you set up your account. However, it is much easier to do this at the casino than it is at regular paid casinos. Open your account today, check out the casino, grab that welcome offer to get underway with, and off you go.

The House of Fun is a delight

It is, and you can sign up and try some demo slot play whenever you're ready. With lots of online slots to try, this might be the best site to visit when you're interested in playing some slots without worrying about making real wagers on them.