King Neptunes Casino

King Neptune’s casino is a Microgaming-based wagering platform for gamblers interested in slot and table games. The site has a nice look and an impressive selection of games, but is it the online casino for you? Follow along with us as we take a closer look at the site and decide if it’s a worthwhile place to call home as an online gambler. It has some promising features, but that doesn’t mean it’s the perfect option for everyone.

King Neptunes is Built on Microgaming

Microgaming is known as the king of slot games and casino gambling in general. This game supplier offers a massive selection of games to choose from, and gives players a wide selection to work with every single time they sign on. Microgaming isn’t just good for having lots of games though, the supplier is credited for some of the most impressive games as well You can test out all sorts of different iconic games by being a member of a Microgaming casino, which is a good thing if you’re looking at King Neptune’s casino.

A Nice Clean Lobby

The very first thing we noticed when visiting the site is just how clean its lobby is when first getting started there. All the games are listed in the center while the different features are across the top of the page. Getting through the different features and places for this casino is simple to do, and that’s why it’s a good place to go as a new gambler.

King Neptune Has Hundreds of Games

As a Microgaming partner, King Neptune’s casino is home to hundreds of different games to pick and choose from. There are slots, there are table games, there are some unique arcade games and even more to look through. With so many different gambling options to think about this site is exciting to play at and should appeal t the new and experienced gamblers both. If you want to get to know the casino better spend some time to look around and decide if you like it or not. We think you’ll enjoy the game selection.

Countless Slots to Experience

Classic slots, video slots and progressive jackpot monsters are all available at King Neptune’s casino. That means if you enjoy slot games, you’ll enjoy some of the options here guaranteed. With each type of slot present you can look through the themes and choose one that you really enjoy. After you have a theme selected you’ll be ready to start wagering and trying to come away with some significant wins.

Regular Slot Updates at King Neptunes

While new slots don’t come out every day that players visit the casino, it’s reasonable to expect a few new games each month. That’s the benefit of playing at a Microgaming casino. The developers at Microgaming are always hard at work crafting new games for release. With so many new games coming out there’s something for every player to look forward to while playing there over time.

Free Gambling is Allowed

It wouldn’t be a modern online casino without allowing members to test out the different games without spending their own money. That’s why it’s good to see that this site offers free play games as well. you can open up the different games and test them out in Demo mode without spending any actual money in order to do so. This is the way to get to know a casino and to find out what your favorite games are as well.

Play for Real Money Fast

When the time comes to switch from free play mode to wagering with real money you can do so simply at King Neptune’s casino. The site allows you to make a deposit in just minutes and you’ll already have a free account in place to fill up with money.

Which Countries are Accepted?

Players from the U.S as well as the UK are restricted from accessing this online casino. Most other players from around the world are free to sign up and start wagering. This makes it a bit of a mixed establishment for online gamblers. If you’re interested in getting started on the site and you aren’t from one of those two countries you shouldn’t have an issue.

Limited Promotional Opportunities

One area that King Neptune’s casino really falls short in is the site’s bonus opportunities. As a gambler at the casino you’re only really going to benefit from promos as a brand-new player. After you’re a long-term player there will be limited promotions for you to look forward to but there is a loyalty program in place as well. New players can get up to $100 from a 100% deposit match bonus while getting started at the casino. Other than that they will have to rely on the loyalty program to unlock rewards over time while playing at this casino.

Make the Most of the Trident Club

Long-term members of King Neptune’s casino have the Trident Club to look forward to as they wager. This special loyalty program pays out prizes and bonuses to the gamblers that wager consistently enough over time. Keep coming back to the casino and placing wagers and eventually you will qualify for some of these prizes as well. That’s why it’s a good time to be a member of the casino and why many players stick with the casino after unlocking the initial bonus offers even though there aren’t many additional bonuses to look forward to.

No Coupon-Based Bonuses

With many online casinos promotions are triggered using coupon codes when making deposits or funding your account in other ways. That’s not a thing at King Neptune’s casino. Instead, gamblers will just trigger the special bonus offers by meeting the requirements of the offer. This makes it easier to unlock the bonuses and means that players don’t have to spend time memorizing different bonus offers either.

Few Holiday and Event Bonuses

Even though bonus offers are limited, there are occasionally special events and holidays that come with bonus opportunities at this casino. If you’re playing regularly you will notice these offers being advertised and you can easily take advantage of them. These offers will often trigger as soon as you make a deposit into your account and you won’t have to worry about using casino coupons in order to unlock the bonus money while playing at King Neptune’s casino.

Slots Tournaments are Fully Supported Here

One of the best features that modern casinos are offering today is slot tournaments. These exciting tournaments task gamblers with going up against other players to try to be the most successful slot players. The leading players can unlock money prize payouts and other perks by entering into these special tournaments. Some of the tournaments are free rolls while others come with an entry fee requirement in order to start playing in them. Either way, you can play slots while trying to reach the top of a leaderboard and then push for prize payouts as a result.

A Wide Range of Potential Casino Payouts Exist

As a player at King Neptune’s casino there’s no guarantee that you’re going to unlock large prize payouts or that you’re even going to win. There is a decent mix of prize paying opportunities to look for while gaming there though. You can come away with massive wins from something like Keno or a progressive jackpot slot game. There are also tiny prizes offered by some classic slot games, blackjack and other games with higher odds and more consistent payouts. Either way, it’s up to you to choose how you want to win and what prizes you’re going to pursue.

Ongoing Reward Potential

As a member of King Neptune’s casino online it’s possible to unlock all sorts of rewards. You can earn promotional rewards over time, and you can unlock special bonuses through the loyalty program as well. On top of both of these reward opportunities, it’s possible to come away with even more prizes and special benefits by spending time at the site and watching for freerolls and other benefits. With so many different reward opportunities there is always a way for you to unlock free money playing here.

Simple Mobile Gameplay

Mobile play doesn’t have to be complicated or require multiple steps for gamblers to go through. As a mobile player at the casino you can easily access the site using a smartphone or tablet without going through any additional steps for it. Simply visit the casino website on your mobile device in the web browser and sign in. From there you can play at King Neptune’s casino without downloading anything.

An Instant Play Casino

This online casino is an instant play site that means you can start gambling at it in just minutes without going through additional steps. The site can be accessed fully right through a web browser without taking any extra steps. This is simple and easy and a real benefit if you’re a gambler at the casino. If you want to start wagering here it only takes a couple minutes to go through the signup process and start.

No Play without Registration

Registration is necessary if you want to test out the games at this casino, even if you play them in Demo mode. That’s an issue for some gamblers, but many don’t mind going through the quick step. It takes just a minute or two to register for the casino, after that point it’s easy to begin wagering.

An Alex Affiliates Partner

The site works with Alex Affiliates to offer gamblers lots of options if they want to market the casino. Not only does the program offer generous revenue share or CPA options, it also gives players lots of different casinos to represent and features a good blend of marketing tools to work with. It’s a versatile platform and a good option for new or experienced casino marketers for that reason.

This Casino is Not a Bookie

Sports betting is becoming more and more common at online casinos, but it’s not an option at King Neptune’s casino. The full site is dedicated to casino games and that’s it. If you’re searching for an online casino with sports wagering options as well, you will have to keep searching for an online option.

No Blog or Forum

Some casinos rely on blogs to get out information and a forum for members to connect with one another. Neither is offered at King Neptune’s casino. That’s not a real issue, but it does mean that you’ll have to get information from the lobby and the promotional page rather than a blog. It also means gamblers will have to connect with an external forum rather than a built-in option.

The Thrill of Live Dealers at Home

We were impressed by the smooth live dealer experience offered at King Neptune’s casino. Gamblers that want to try playing table games while sitting down with an actual dealer can do so here. There is support for a mix of table games with live dealer options, which means players can easily test out different games while having a real dealer handing out cards, selecting different options and overseeing the flow of the game overall.

Just the Right Mix of Banking Methods

There’s a decent balance when it comes to the banking tools available to gamblers at King Neptune’s casino. Players can swap between Visa, Mastercard and Maestro for their card-based deposits. They can also use Neteller, PaySafeCard, Money Bookers and Eco Card to move money around. Finally there is InstaDebit, eCheck and a bank transfer for sending around money. All but MasterCard, Maestro and InstaDebit are available for withdrawals as well as deposits, giving you ample options to choose from. With so many options it should be simple for every gambler to move money around to where they want it.

Bitcoin isn’t Offered

Some online casinos offer Bitcoin support, but not all of them. This is a real concern for gamblers that need to use a cryptocurrency in order to play. For most people there will be a suitable option to use instead, but not for everyone.

Minimal Support

Customer support is lacking at this online casino, and that’s probably the main issue we had with King Neptune’s casino. With just email support available for gamblers on the site it takes time to get answers back from the support team. As an active member looking for help using email can be frustrating. The support team usually answers back within a day, but not everyone will be satisfied waiting a day for help.

King Neptune’s casino online is a reliable site with a good game selection and decent prize-winning opportunities. The site has hundreds of games to choose from and most modern features like Live Dealer games and progressive jackpot slots. It does lack in a few areas though. The casino is lacking customer support features, it’s missing Bitcoin support and it doesn’t offer access to many promotions other than a basic welcome bonus. It’s still a recommended option from us though.