Magic Mushroom Slots

Magic Mushroom Slots
A forest at night, a sense of magic, and some mushrooms… everything is here and ready to be discovered for all players loading the new Magic Mushroom slot game. Various online casinos are ready to give you access to this magical forest, with lots of surprises in store for those brave enough to check it out in more detail. Does that include you we wonder?

Developer information for Magic Mushroom

This mushroom was grown by the Realtime Gaming team, and if you’ve seen some recent games from them, you should expect something different this time around.

Does it include a demo?

Yes, it does, as you’ll see in other RTG games.

Does this have an obvious theme?

If you thought the presence of a magic mushroom meant you would be in a magical setting, then yes, the forest backdrop contains more than a touch of magic. There are mushrooms too, of course, so this slot combines different elements with great success.

How good is the design?

This certainly looks like a thoroughly modern slot game. The graphics are wonderful, and we meet faeries on the reels. The mushroom itself is very important, as you are about to see, and various other items often appear on the reels too.

Magic Mushroom slots: The main features

If you expected five reels to appear, you’ll be surprised to see just three of them here. You do get a 3 x 3 format though, which means there is more appearing on each spin than you might think. The mushroom is the substitute, replacing everything else in the game. If it appears on the middle reel in all three positions, it grows into a mushroom taking over the whole reel.

No progressive jackpots are featured in the game, and you don’t get any scatter icons on the reels either.

Payline quantity

There are no paylines here – instead, all potential 27 winning ways are covered on every spin.

Just one bet to decide on

Since this slot qualifies as a way wins slot, you just need to select a bet from the range given before you play.

Paytable information

This part of the game tells you more about all the icons that could appear on the reels and what each one could bring you in prizes. You can also see cute characters and items from the forest included there.

Is there a Magic Mushroom bonus?

Yes, and it is a respins bonus. When the wild mushroom takes over all the positions on the second reel, it remains fixed there. You then go through the respin feature. This isn’t a regular respin though, as only two things will appear on reels one and three. The first is a blank space and the second is a symbol chosen at random before the spins begin. The potential to scoop some notable prizes from this feature is therefore impressive. What might happen for you?

No free spins are available

Not much more to say there.

RTP details

We don’t yet have these for the Magic Mushroom slot, but we’ll update you when we find out what the RTP is.

Our rating for Magic Mushroom slots

This gets 8 out of 10 from us. If you’ve tried the RTG title Scuba Fishing, you might think of that when playing this one. It’s based on a similar 3 x 3 format.

What is the best prize worth?

The information for the game states that 540x your triggering wager is the best outcome. While there are many other slots with multiples reaching into the thousands, this is still a good outcome if you can make it happen. Of course, there are lots of other smaller prizes available too.

Play the demo to start

You won’t know whether this slot is for you until you try it. Why not check out the demo to protect your gaming budget until you know for sure?

RTG casinos offer the real version of Magic Mushroom to play

All their casinos are going to have the real slot game ready for players to check out. Does your favorite casino include it?

You can also play across mobile platforms

Android, iOS, you name it… the slot is available to play like this too.