Betbit Casino No Deposit Bonus Codes

Lots of players are turning from standard online casinos to Bitcoin casinos. It’s not hard to see why, either. This was the original virtual currency, and although it has been followed by many others, it is still the most popular one for most people to use.

Betbit Casino takes the idea of a safe and anonymous online currency and applies it to a fully-fledged casino experience. There is much to appreciate here, and our guide to bonus codes of all kinds should help you get the most out of Betbit whenever you visit.

We spotted these great slots to try at Betbit Casino

Even when you land on their home page, you’re close to seeing the first few slot games you could soon play. Check out these options we liked the look of, but remember they are just a few of the many available highlights on offer.

Will the Book of Santa reveal who is naughty or nice?

Turns out Santa has a book rather than a long, long list! If you fancy a festive slot, this is the one to try. Santa is the jackpot symbol, while the book of the title does double duty as a scatter and a wild. It replaces everything else, and three will bring you some free games with a randomly chosen expanding symbol to look forward to.

Discover more about The Mystery of Eldorado

You may not discover where the fabled land of Eldorado is in this slot, but you’ll certainly be able to look for various gems, coins, and gold idols. Watch out for the map of Eldorado, as this is the substitute symbol. It also behaves as a scatter, triggering 10 free games whenever three appear anywhere in view. These games include a special symbol that is given the power to expand throughout.

Learn more about the Wonders of the Ancient World

The title alone is captivating, and this slot game provides you with a look at the Pyramids, the Colossus of Rhodes, and the other five Ancient Wonders. A wild lighthouse lights the way to some prizes, and the Temple of Zeus works well as a scatter. Free spins are given a 3x multiplier, while the Colossus Bonus sees you sail towards further prize-winning potential.

Welcome to the Luna Park!

How would you like to visit a fairground? This game lets you have that experience, with letters lit up in lights, balloons floating around, and hotdogs on offer to munch as you explore. A Ferris wheel goes wild here, with the game logo scattered around to offer you some free games along with a 2x boost on all prizes won in that round.

Should you look at the promotions page to source some secret no deposit bonus codes to use?

This is worth considering, especially since the secret part of the name isn’t too much to be concerned about anyway. Some casinos like to promote their deals as being secretive, when in fact they rarely are. They want players to get the most out of all their deals, so it wouldn’t make much sense to hide them away in place where no one will find them.

The thing to remember, though, is that not all the codes you find, whether at the casino or in other places online, are going to be related to no deposit bonuses. There are other deals out there too, and we found plenty of them on the promotions page. This is simple to get to from the menu – there is no need to log in to see it.

Is there a free money bonus code for new members to claim?

No, but they do have a first deposit bonus you can claim instead. This is worth 100% on top of the amount deposited. The most you can claim from this deal is 100 mBTC. If you don’t want to give up on the idea of getting a no deposit bonus or free play code, you could always look on other sites to see what you can unearth there.

Are there better odds of finding a free chip or something similar for Betbit Casino on another site?

There is a clue to the answer right at the bottom of the Betbit website. See the link to the affiliate program? This confirms there are people around with their own websites – people who promote the casino from those sites. Most online casinos give affiliates special deals to share with their readers. This means you could search for Betbit Casino free chips and find just what you are looking for.

How do you get a bonus code for Betbit if you cannot see one?

Firstly, make sure you read the terms for each bonus you are considering using. Some of them may not display a code because one is not needed. You’ll see it clearly displayed on the site (usually in capital letters, making it even easier to spot) if one is needed. You should always read through their terms and conditions first anyway, so you won’t miss anything if you follow the right steps.

Free play codes are most likely to be found in other corners of the internet

You probably now realize this, thanks to the network of affiliates out there who are promoting Betbit Casino. While you may not know where those affiliates are, their sites are easy enough to find in the search results if you look for Betbit Casino and use a series of keywords along with the casino name. A free play code is one such keyword or key phrase you can use.

Bitcoin bonus codes and deals

Most of the deals we found on their website didn’t bother with a proper code to use. However, all the deals at Betbit do involve Bitcoin bonuses, so this is the easiest type of bonus to find at this casino.

Is Bitcoin the only way to deposit at Betbit Casino?

Surprisingly, given everything you already know, it isn’t. Litecoin, Ripple, and Bitcoin Cash are among a handful of other virtual currencies you can use. Other players can choose from Visa, Amex, and MasterCard too.