How to Use Free Casino Chips: A Complete Guide

So, you managed to get some elusive free chip bonuses. Bravo. But before you rush into the virtual lobby and jump into your favorite slot and table games, give this guide a read so you can master the essentials. With the right know-how, you can win a pretty penny for free.

Getting the Most out of Your Free Chips

Consider free chips the unsung hero of no-deposit bonuses. While spectacular sign-up prizes and free spins dominate the no-deposit flow, free chip bonuses still provide some free bang for gaming luck. Besides the free chip value, understanding the wagering requirements are also essential to maximize your winning potential.

For example, most online casinos offer different wagering requirements depending on the type of game played. For example, it might apply equally to slot and table games depending on the free chip. However, table games have higher wagering requirements as a general rule of thumb. This is because table games, like Blackjack, require you to play a fixed amount of hands with higher stakes.

So, it is wise to settle down on one game to maximize your winning potential. Also, playing one game, slot or table, helps your practice your gaming strategy. Table games, including Blackjack and Roulette, involve multiple strategies. It might be wise to practice one strategy method to maximize your free chip value and wagering requirement.

But, if you're beginning your online casino journey, maybe try to slot games. Even better, three-reel slot games might be the preferred option for getting your feet wet. Most three-reel games only offer one pay line, which has smaller requirements. Even better, you can usually wager a single coin for even smaller deposit requirements. Three-reel slot games allow you to win some nice money, perhaps even a jackpot for considerably less than five or six-reel games.

If you want to try five or six-reel games, be mindful of the minimum wagering requirements. If you want to make your free chips stretch, perhaps consider five-reel slot games with a moderate amount of pay lines. These slot games usually have lower deposit options, sometimes a penny, a nickel, or ten cents being the threshold.

Also, depending on the online casino, you can preview the slot games for free. That way, you can get the game's feel before spending your valuable free chip prizes.