Online Versions of Vegas Casinos

When we saw in the New Year as 2019 turned to 2020, the first few infections that turned into the Covid19 pandemic were already underway. Very few people knew this, of course, and even those who were ill could have had no idea of what was coming.

Over time, more people fell ill in more countries. Borders were closed. People were told to stay indoors. Lockdowns were initiated. We found ourselves living through a pandemic - the first major one for a century.

This has changed the way we live in so many ways. While life will eventually go back to normal, it will be a new normal. Some things will never return to the way they were.

Bricks and mortar casinos versus online casinos

While bricks and mortar casinos have shut their doors to stop the spread of Covid19, online casinos have seen an uptick in business. That is to be expected. We did some research about the online searches made for online casinos and online slots recently. We found search volumes dropped a little when the lockdown period began, only to experience a surge shortly afterwards. It was clear people were looking for ways to entertain themselves.

We could also reasonably assume that people who would normally visit real casinos, including those in Las Vegas, were looking for an online alternative. Some of the Vegas-based casinos have an online version their players can use. The accessibility of these casinos depends on where you live, though. For example, if a casino is licensed in a certain state, it could well be that only players in that state can legally use the online casino.

In other cases, there are casinos that let everyone play just for entertainment. That might prove to be good for many people in lockdown. Even when restrictions begin to be lifted, life is unlikely to return to normal (as we knew it) for a long while.

What about other online casinos?

There is no reason to visit an online casino that is part of a real Vegas casino. As we have learned, that may not be any use to you if you don't live in that area. Fortunately, there are lots of online casinos that are experiencing more traffic at present. Some people are content to play demo games and never make a deposit, and that's fine. Some casinos are happy to let people do this without even creating an account, so watch out for those if you do not intend to play for real.

However, if you usually visit a local casino and you can't do so during the pandemic, think about signing up to an online casino instead. You can still use the same budget you would at the casino. Even if you reduce your budget, you might be surprised how far even five dollars would go when you stick with penny slots. There are plenty of those on offer online, so check them out and see what you think of them.

We find ourselves in a challenging situation that is affecting most people around the world. We are living through tough times. However, staying positive, keeping ourselves occupied, and planning each day can all help us get through it. If playing a few games helps you, this is worth thinking about. And as we have seen, there are many casinos we can visit to enjoy the games without spending a cent if we wish.