Smart TV Giveaway

Bovada Casino is one of the best online and mobile casinos for the US and international market, offering a fabulous range of casino games and direct access on the same site to live sportsbetting, esports, virtual betting, and live casino games. Bovada is continually updating the benefits and bonuses used to entice players and keep them interested and involved at the casino. The latest list of bonuses includes the chance to win a brand new Smart TV. The smart TV is 65" 4K and QLED. Together with the Smart TV giveaway, a draw will also give out twenty Amazon vouchers for $50 each.

All About the SmartTV Draw

A brand new series of House of Dragons is due to be launched on 31st August. And to celebrate this launch, Bovada is offering a month-long special promotion, with the highlight being the SmartTV draw between July 5th and 6th. The promotion is only open for registered players at Bovada Casino, and they must follow the casino on either Facebook or Twitter to be eligible. Through a link provided at the casino, entrants download a House of Dragon character sheet and fill in their predictions for which character will die and which one will live per episode. The completed list of predictions is then sent through a link to the casino. Members send a screenshot of their prediction sheet uploaded to the site. Only on July 5th and 6th twenty-one random winners are going to be chosen, giving away the SmartTV to one lucky player, and all the other winners will benefit from a $50 Amazon voucher. This promotion is free to join, and apart from being a member of the casino and a follower on Twitter or Facebook, there are no other requirements. Once the prediction form has been completed, players can continue enjoying any of the games and taking advantage of the many other promotions provided by Bovada casino.