Dead Man’s Trail

Pirate ships, cannons firing, stormy weather… and that's before the loading screen appears. Welcome to our review of Dead Man's Trail, a slot game from Relax Gaming. It offers a five-reel game with four symbols landing on each one, with bets starting at 10 cents each. With a 96.29% return to player percentage, there are lots of reasons to dig deeper…

Golden wilds help you snag prizes

Not least because they can stand in for all the other symbols you'll see in the game. They're all listed in the paytable, which we think is the ideal place to begin learning more about the slot before you play it. You can also try the demo to find out more.

Where does the pirate ship bonus symbol sail to?

The ship coming straight at you in this symbol with a golden surround also has a skull at the front of it. Find three or more and you'll enter the Trail Bonus. You can buy your way through to the bonus as well, but we wouldn't recommend it because there is no guarantee you'll earn more than you pay to get there. We would suggest doing it in the demo game though, just so you're aware of how it works.

The bonus is based on a board game style, and you don't need to interact with it other than to click or tap the screen to get underway. Follow your progress as the light moves around the board to reveal the next move. Can you earn a decent multiplier prize by the end of it?

Dead Man's Trail also has a coin feature

Look for the coins to land on the reels. Find enough of them in a spin and you'll scoop the total shown. This is a quick and neat feature, and we did have it pop up twice fairly close together as we played. It doesn't mean the same is going to happen again though - just be aware of it as part of the game.

Try following the Dead Man's Trail today

Pirates, treasure, coins… Everything you could hope to see in any pirate-themed slot is here, along with lots of other features. This is a superb slot game no matter how you look at it. But for anyone wanting a successful pirate slot theme, try Dead Man's Trail today.