Piggy Bank Bills

Piggy Bank Bills… hmm, could this slot game involve some banknotes and pigs, do you think? It looks amazing, but then you’d expect nothing less than that when the team at Pragmatic Play is in the driving seat.

It is more unusual than your average Pragmatic Play slot game – or any slot game really – but it’s worth exploring further for that reason alone.

Match banknotes to find prizes

The banknote designs are cool and colorful, but they don’t always match. You’ve got three columns of bills, and each one is split down the middle, so you’re not going to find matching ones in every position. Whenever you do find one where both sides match, you’ll receive the prize shown on the bill. This is a multiplier of the bet amount.

There are wild and free games symbols too

You might occasionally spot half a wild symbol on the screen in Piggy Bank Bills. This could be either the left or right half. When this happens, you can watch it change to match the other half of the bill shown opposite it. You’ll then scoop the prize for that space.

Now to the free games symbol. This also occurs in two halves, just as the wild does – but in this case, you must find both halves together, so they merge into a single FREE GAMES symbol. When this happens, you’ll receive eight free games.

If you find two bills to trigger these spins, the lowest valued icons are taken away from the game screen before you play. Find three bills and you’ll see the two lowest ones removed. You can also look forward to a possibility of triggering some random modifiers on the screen as you play Piggy Bank Bills.

An unusual game to play from Pragmatic Play

We love that this looks like a six-reel game, as each half of each set of three bills spins from the left to the right. So, it feels like a slot game even though it all works rather differently to that.

Try the demo version of Piggy Bank Bills today and see how you fare with it. It comes with a huge demo budget to play with, so you can get a feel for what’s happ

ening. Only then will you know whether you want to try and find some pricey bills to claim along the way.