Riviera Play Casino

Riviera Play Casino is a classy online casino that showcases the capabilities of BetSoft and Rival Powered software for online gamblers. The site offers a nice mix of games and features and it appealed to us from the very first moment we decided to try it out. Below is a full review of the site and the features that it offers its gamblers. Find out whether Riviera Casino is a good option for you by reading through our experience below.

Built on a Rival Powered and BetSoft Foundation

Rival Powered gaming is one of the leading software development companies in the gambling industry, which is why we were pleased to see that Riviera Play is built on top of software provided by the company. The site also features games offered by BetSoft for an excellent game selection and feature combination for any gamblers that want to enjoy interactive slots and other game types. A wealth of features are available thanks to this excellent selection and most serious gamblers will have a good time playing on the site with these offerings.

A Clean and Edgy Lobby

Sliding graphics, beautiful images, and a clean feature layout makes Riviera Play casino into a standout site that you don’t want to ignore. From the moment you start playing around with this casino, you’ll see that it’s easy to navigate and that you know where all the different features are located. Whether you want to quickly download software and start gambling, or you want to browse through all the different features and play online, you can do either one at this casino with ease.

The Casino Supports Gamblers from Around the World

Whether you’re from the United States, Europe, Canada, Australia or another part of the world, chances are good that the casino will work well for you. That’s because the site approves players from most other parts of the world. You’ll be amazed at how simple it is to sign up and become a member of the site. Multiple languages are supported and payment solutions that should work well for most gamblers.

A Large Selection of Cutting Edge Games

At Riviera Play casino there are hundreds of slots, dozens of table games, plenty of video poker options and a nice mix of modern live dealer games to choose from as well. The different games have enticing graphics and they’re listed in a grid-style layout for quick access to all the different gaming options that you’re interested in. New gamblers will be overwhelmed at all the content there is to explore and seasoned players will enjoy new game releases over time.

Classic and Video Slot Games

Slots are the main attraction at most casinos and things aren’t any different at Riviera Play. That’s why it’s important that there are literally hundreds of different slot games to choose from. Look through the basic classic slot games with three reels and limited features, to the more advanced video slots with five or more reels and advanced bonus features and jackpot prize payouts. There are also some progressive jackpot slot games that can make players rich if they have enough luck on their side when playing. With hundreds of different slot games to choose from it should be simple for most new players to find something that they truly enjoy about playing at Riviera Play casino.

Limited Video Poker Games

Video poker is an interesting blend of poker and slot gaming mechanics into a simple and fun gaming experience. There are only seven different video poker games available at the time of writing this casino review. That’s not going to be enough for some enthusiasts, though most of the common video poker game types are represented at the casino.

Modern Table Games and Live Dealer Gambling

With less than a dozen table games there isn’t a huge selection to choose from. Most common games like blackjack, roulette, poker, baccarat, war, and craps are represented though. Along with these standard table games that can be found at many leading online casinos today, there are also live dealer table games to choose from. These special games allow you to place wagers on a game that’s being run by a dealer that you can see. In other words, you can watch a real dealer deal out the cards, spin the wheel and control the flow of your game over a webcam as you play through one round after another. This is an excellent experience that some gamblers really look forward to.

Regular New Game Releases

Players at Riviera Play Casino can experience brand-new game offerings regularly. Every month there are new game releases to watch out for. These releases show off new games and gambling experiences. For the players that like to try out new things, these new releases are a real treat to be enjoyed.

Free Wagering is Possible with Registration

We were very excited to see that the whole casino library is available to test and to play around with for free if you aren’t interested in spending real money to try out the features of this site. You will have to register in order to try out these different features though. Interested gamblers should take the time to sign up and start playing on the site. Once registered, just choose that you want to play for free and you can test out all the different games that are available on the platform from there.

Beginning Real Money Gambling Only Takes a Few Minutes

It only takes a few minutes from the time that you first visit the casino website to begin wagering with real money on the platform. That’s because the registration process is quick and easy to go through, and once you’re a registered member you can choose from one of the several deposit options to get your money in rapidly. You can effectively start gambling at Riviera Play casino in less than an hour without any trouble and many new gamblers get started in this way.

An Exciting Sign Up Bonus Offer

New players have a very good reason to be excited about signing up to play at Riviera Play casino. It only takes a few minutes to become a member and once they are it’s possible to get between 300% and 200% deposit match bonuses over the first three deposits into the casino. These bonuses payout a stunning $3,000 on the first deposit, $2,500 on the second and $2,000 in bonus rewards on the third deposit. That’s a huge value that makes it very worthwhile to start gambling at Riviera Play casino.

Earn Through Friend Referrals

Have friends you want to bring to the casino to play with you? Send them a referral email and you’ll enjoy a $20 bonus for each friend that signs up and starts playing. That’s a bit low for referral fees compared to other casinos but at least the site rewards players for bringing new players to the platform.

Make the Most of the Powerful VIP Program

The VIP program is the way gamblers can enjoy long-term bonuses and rewards from Riviera Play casino. Unfortunately, you need to deposit at least $3,000 in order to join the VIP club. After becoming a VIP member you’ll unlock 50% cashback on each bonus that you put into your account. Not only that, but you’ll also earn comp points for every wager that you place. Those comp points add up quickly and they can be used for bonus credits and a variety of other benefits.

Few Ongoing Promotions

Even though it’s possible to earn quite a few special rewards and bonuses through the VIP program, there are few other promotional programs in place besides for the VIP program. That means long-term gamblers won’t have much to look forward to once they’ve finished making the most of the generous welcome bonus offers. That’s disappointing for many players that are used to being able to leverage one bonus after another as a member of an online casino.

Enticing Tournaments

In order to make things as interesting as possible for members of the casino, there are ongoing slot tournaments at Riviera Play casino. This online casino gives you some slot tournaments to join and to participate in. These tournaments are held every weekend and there are ongoing special events for you to enter into and to take advantage of. The tournaments give you a chance to play directly against other gamblers and prove that you have what it takes to be the best player overall.

Play Games with Huge Jackpot Payouts

There is real potential for huge jackpot prize payouts at Riviera Play casino for the lucky gamblers that manage to unlock these bonuses. If you want to walk away with a huge prize payout take the time to play some of the riskier slot games in the casino’s library. These games are well-known for offering prize payouts worth tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars, which is certainly worth playing for.

Make the Most of the Limited Reward Programs

Players that decide to stick with Riviera Play casino will be underwhelmed by the long-term bonus offers and special reward programs available. The VIP program is really the only way to keep bonuses and special perks rolling in, and that’s only an option if you can afford to deposit at least $3,000 into the casino. Without that deposit, you won’t be eligible for any of those bonus perks.

Built for Mobile

Riviera Play was designed to work well with mobile devices and you’ll find that it only takes a few minutes to get onto the platform and start making use of the different features of the site even on a smartphone or tablet. Simply visit the casino lobby and sign in to start playing from there. It only takes a few minutes to load up the game onto your mobile device and once you do you’ll have access to all the different games available.

Enjoy Instant Play Wagering and a Downloadable Platform

It makes no difference whether you want to play the casino in your web browser without going through a software download, or you want to experience the casino using software that you have downloaded to your computer. Either way, you can play the way you want at Riviera Play casino. The site works both ways. There is a simple download software platform that you can access to start playing immediately, and there is instant play support that allows you to load up the casino in your web browser and play like that.

No Play Without Registration

Some casinos allow you to wager and test out different games without registering for an account. Riviera Play isn’t one of those sites. You will have to go through the full registration process in order to access the features on that site. That means taking a few minutes to create your account if you want to test out all that it has to offer you.

Use the Available Affiliate Program through Winner Partner

Riviera Play casino gamblers have access to an affiliate program with Winner Partner, a major affiliate network known for offering reliable payouts and fair revenue shares. This program gives marketers the chance to unlock revenue shares of between 35% and 50%. There are also CPA offers available for the gamblers interested in unlocking those benefits.

Riviera Play Has No Sports Wagering Support

There are no sports betting features at Riviera Play casino. That means that if you want to place wagers on different sporting events you’ll have to take the time to join up with a separate sportsbook site. That will require a bit of additional effort compared to joining a site that has casino games and sports wagering services, but the effort required is minimal overall.

There is No Blog for New Updates

There isn’t a blog on the website for Riviera Play casino. That means gamblers must take the time to read through the site to find news updates and to learn about the latest features on offer. This is a bit less convenient for gamblers than looking at a well-maintained blog, but many gamblers can still find the information they’re looking with ease.

No Player Forum

We weren’t surprised to see that the Riviera Play casino is lacking a forum for its players. It’s rare for online casinos to have a forum for gamblers to use. Players that want to talk with one another can do so using an external forum instead.

Limited Banking Tools

We were surprised by the lack of different banking tools available at Riviera Play casino while reviewing the site. We only came across about five different payment methods supported for use when making deposits and withdrawing money from the casino. Visa and MasterCard are the supported card solutions that work well for fast deposits. There’s also support for UKash cards for deposits into your account, iDeal for rapid bank transfers and Neteller for moving money in and out of your gambling account. Between these different tools, there is an option that will work for most gamblers, but not everyone will find a banking tool that they want to use.

No Cryptocurrency Options are Supported

There aren’t any supported cryptocurrency options available to select from at Riviera Play casino. That means gamblers are left with using one of the other supported payment tools. This is a major downside for the players that only want to use cryptocurrency payment methods to move their money around.

The Site Offers Accessible Customer Support Methods

There are several different customer support tools available for the members of Riviera Casino to make use of to reach out for help with their problems. Whether your account isn’t working properly or a feature stops working, you can access support help through email or the live chat service offered by the casino. Riviera Play casino is a bit of a mixed bag. While it offers gamblers access to excellent games and a nice set of wagering features, the site lacks ongoing bonus offers, it doesn’t support cryptocurrency and it lacks payment methods that many other casinos offer. If you can get past those downsides this online casino is capable and an excellent option worth considering when playing online.