Sisters of the Sun Slots

The opener for this game tells us that fortune smiles on the worthy… but who are they? Can we count ourselves among them, we wonder? We suspect the answers might be in Sisters of the Sun, newly released by Play'n Go.

We checked it out and we have brought our discoveries to you here. What will you make of this slot game?

Expect a 5 x 5 matrix of symbols for this game

There's plenty to look at as you play Sisters of the Sun, including a vibrant and fiery backdrop to those 5 x 5 reels. The whole thing has an Egyptian feel to it, with familiar females, cats, snake's heads, and more appearing on the reels. And with the giant matrix in action, expect to find clusters of matching symbols to secure prizes in Sisters of the Sun.

Any wilds or scatters in action?

Yes, but you need to create the wilds rather than finding them. Sounds odd? Just find a combo of three matching symbols to secure a prize and watch as a wild appears.

Scatters work in an unusual way as well. You can find one randomly in a spin or have one added via the Gift of Ra feature. Yes, you will learn there are many features and elements coming into play when you choose to try the Sisters of the Sun slot game. The title isn't the best they could have thought of, but we know the game itself is a real hit and a superb one to play.

Our suggestion? Load the demo and play it for a while to see all the features in action. This should mean you can check out the various bonuses and features before attempting the real version of the game.

Don't miss the Goddess Power feature

This occurs randomly but only appears on losing spins of the game. you'll always see one of three Goddesses on the screen. Whenever the Goddess Power feature triggers, the Goddess you see changes to another one.

Sekhmet changes a matching set of symbols into a different one to create a prize. If Bastet is on the screen, you'll see her remove two symbol sets from the reels. F

inally, Hathor can contribute one and possibly two wild symbols to the reels. In each case, the intervention from the Goddess should give you a prize.

And there's more…

The game also features free spins with your choice of active Goddess throughout, along with Eye of Ra locations, and lots more. Don't miss your chance to play the Sisters of the Sun slot game from Play'n Go today. We're sure you're going to love it.