Sugar Pop Slots

As one of the most cleverly designed slot games I have ever played (and that says something since I have played thousands of slot games over the last 10 years), I have to say right off the bat that I urge our US players to play SugarPop Slots!!! Why? Because I played this for an hour, knowing that I had a review to write. But I couldn’t stop! This game is absolutely AWESOME!!!

About the Game

With a Sweet Candy theme, SugarPop is lucrative, fun, surprising, and holds many special features. Powered by Betsoft, this 3D slot will become one of your all time favorite slot games. Count on it! One of the things you will love about this game, as I did, is there are many levels to this game. Reaching those levels is spectacular, but the other part of this game you will all recognize is that there is a Bonus Pattern similar to Bingo.

How Many Reels and Paylines are there?

SugarPop is a 5-reel, all ways pays bonus video slot.

What are the Betting Ranges in this Game?

The bet per line ranges from one cent to $1, with a max bet of $50.00 per spin. While I chose to bet the max (I made more money and initialized the special features many times), thus you may want to test out the game first and then go on to play for real money and bet the max.

Where is the Paytable Located?

At the top right of the slot, you will see a Blue Icon that says View Pays. To the left of this is the Options tab which allows you to make your own settings for the game. Be sure to read the pay table as the information contained therein will assist you in garnering higher payouts in this game.

What are the Special Features in this Game?

SugarPop is SO special, that even if there were no features – you would still love it. But there are special features and these include: To the left of the slot, starting at the top is the Level Counter for the Cotton Candy Forest; the Bonus Pattern (which can be letters or numbers); Game Details which gives your score for the Level you are currently on; and the Game Score. At the bottom of the slot, you will find the Balance box, the Coin Choice, Auto Play, Spin Button, Max Bet, and Bet Amount. To the right of the slot you will find a huge Bubble Like structure that will fill up with Blue substance. When it reaches the top, you will go on to the next level.

Shaded Reels

In order to ensure that you have completed the Bonus Pattern in this game, each time you get winning combinations, the blank background will become shaded for the reels that formed winning combinations. This will continue until you get the Bonus Pattern.

The Regular Candy

A payout is awarded for each Candy popped. (When you get a winning combination, the symbols will explode and new symbols will come down from the top to fill in the blanks. Also note that the reels do not turn, but also drop down). The Candy will pop when 3 or more candies of a matching color are touching on any side. Note that all Regular Candies will pop before any Special Candies can perform their very unique function!

The Red Candy

The Red Candy pays the highest amount worth $20 and is the Super Color in this game. When 4 of the same color create a combination, they will turn a special Super Color symbol of the matching color. If this combines with matching colors before the next spin, they will multiply the combination they occur in.

The Red Color Bomb

When 5 or more of the same color create a combination, they will form a special Color Bomb symbol of the matching color. If this combines with matching colors before the next spin, they will multiply the combination they occur in.

The 10 Candies that Make up Each Level

Here is another great feature in this game. The 10 Candies shown in the pay table are available on certain levels. Please read about all these Candies and the levels they will get you to.

Level Up

With each win, you will earn Points towards reaching the higher level. The larger the win, the more the meter is filled (the Blue-Colored Meter to the right of the slot). I made it to Level 4 within an hour, and scored over 3000 points and made over $1000 with the max bet.

The Lollipop

This feature is what I really loved about this game. When the Lollipop appears on the reels, it grows in size and positions itself in the center of the slot. They the reels rotate clockwise to give you additional chances to make winning combinations.

About the All Wins Pays

Not only do you get rewarded for combinations that touch horizontally, but also vertically as well. For example, you will win when you get 3 horizontal symbols in any position on the reels; 3 or more vertical symbols in any position on the reels. (Note that you can get both horizontal and vertical symbols at one time). Moreover, the possibilities of getting several winning combinations are endless.


SugarPop is a fabulous game as you might be able to tell from my review. I enjoyed the Lollipop Feature immensely, the cascading symbols, the special symbols that help with winning combinations and the Caramel symbol, which you will get on Level 3. This symbol moves in different directions so that you can nail the Bonus Pattern sooner rather than later. And there are more of these symbols awaiting you! SugarPop is entertaining, fun to play, and lucrative. I invite all our US players to play SugarPop Slots at our Betsoft Casinos.