Swc Poker

The first thing you’ll notice when you land on the site is the pixelated approach it takes to its presentation. It’s quite unusual and flies in the face of almost every other online casino and poker room you can think of. It’s deliberate, for sure, and we think we like it! The green hues contrast nicely with a golden approach for the Bitcoins flying around the screen. You’ll spot some casino chips too. What else lies in store for you there though?

Are there any signup restrictions in force?

No, they are willing to accept members from anywhere. That is unusual and possibly a first.

Going through the registration process

SWC Poker gives you a simple signup form to complete that appears over the top of the page you are viewing. Choose a nickname, select a password, enter your email and any referral code you might have, then hit OK. You’ll soon be in and ready to use the site.

Can you participate if you’re not registered?

No, although you can go through to a game and view the table with live action taking place. If a seat is open to be taken by another player, you’ll see SEAT OPEN marked on it. While you cannot play a demo poker game, you can watch progress in a live game, which is a good way to see how things work before you sign up.

What kind of poker games are on offer?

There are plenty, although the default option here is to view them all. The list includes Hold ‘Em, with different options of the game including Pineapple and Short Deck. You can also try four types of Omaha poker.

Make sure you are aware of any wagering requirements before you start

There could be minimum or maximum bet amounts for a game, for example. When you are inside the lobby, you can see the stakes available for each of the tables.

Wagering requirements might also apply to any promotions you see, so read more about those as well. Being educated is part of the deal here.

Is there a chance to take part in some tournaments?

Yes – once inside the lobby, look for the logo in the top left corner. Next to that, you’ll see the quantity of players currently active on the site. You’ll also see how many tables there are, and whether any tournaments are taking place. There were none when we visited, but there is a chance one or more could begin in the future.

Bonuses and promotions at the SWC Poker room

Look out for promotions in the relevant section of the site. We didn’t see a welcome deal here, but we did see microstakes, Krill rewards, 24/7 freerolls, and much else besides.

Krill rewards are a thing at this poker room

Rakeback can be improved by earning Krill rewards. You can read more about this on the promotions page.

Can you play on mobile?

Yes, the download option on the site includes icons of the Android, Windows, and iOS platforms, so you can play in whichever way you wish. There is also a ‘play now’ option which loads the poker room in your browser.

So, instant play is possible in this poker room?

Yes, you’ll be asked to sign in (or open an account if you don’t have one) when you access the instant play poker room, but this doesn’t take long to do. You can also cancel that request if you just want to look around first.

What do members think of the site? Can you read opinions on blogs and forums?

It’s worth searching for more information on the SWC Poker site if you are thinking of using it. If you manage to find some player experiences, you can use them to help you decide whether to sign up.

Deposit methods (or should we say method)

It soon becomes clear this is a Bitcoin poker room. This is the only currency you can use on the site. If you are happy with this, you can get started. There is no minimum amount set on the deposits either, so you can deposit whatever you like to get things underway.

Cashing out must be done in Bitcoin as well

You probably guessed that.

How much is a chip worth in Bitcoin?

Good question – according to their house rules area, the value equates to 0.000001 BTC. That means a million chips would equal a single Bitcoin. The value of each chip depends on the value of Bitcoin at the time, so that is something else to be aware of.

Does SWC Poker offer good customer support?

We think so, and it starts with the comprehensive house rules page, reached from the bottom of the site. You can link out to other pages on the site from there too, including their FAQ area. They do have a support button at the bottom of the page; selecting that will open your email client to send them an email. There’s no live chat available.