Cafe Casino

Café Casino is a new cryptocurrency-based online casino that stands out for its appearance and game selection. We weren't decided on reviewing the site immediately, but after taking a look at all the features and games available we were won over enough to make this full review. Find out what stood out to use while looking over this casino and what seemed like a negative as well with our review below.

Built on Leading Software

Made from a mixture of Rival Gaming and Realtime Gaming software, this platform is rich with different games to choose from and plenty of features to enjoy. Any serious player will come to love all the variety offered here. These two software development companies are known for offering solid mobile performance, exciting slots, table games and big prize payouts as well.

A Clean and Simple Lobby Design

We love the way the lobby looks for this site. It's light, airy and welcoming overall. Players that want to hop on this casino homepage and start using the different services will be thrilled with just how simple it is to navigate around.

Limits Access to North and South America

One of the major downfalls of this casino is that it only allows gamblers from the United States, Brazil and Mexico to play its games. Gamblers rom the rest of the world cannot make use of all the different services. This is a real issue for the players that live in areas like Europe, Canada and other areas that would like to gamble as well.

A Stunning Collection of Games

We were more than impressed with all the different games offered on this platform. By bringing together some of the industry's leading software development companies, this site manages to provide hundreds of exciting wagering opportunities. Choose from slots, table games, video poker, specialty games and plenty of progressive jackpot games as well. Even the specialty games section has dozens of options to look through and there is variety for everyone to enjoy.

Slots Get the Most Love

This casino puts a lot of emphasis on its slot game offerings and there are hundreds to choose from. Select from the relaxed classic slot games, delve into the more intense video slots or play around with progressive jackpot slots while trying to win big. No matter which type of slots are your favorites there is something to love about each of the different options.

Dozens of Arcade-Style Table Games

A couple dozen table games including the likes of blackjack, poker and roulette fill up the page for gamblers to dig through here. We were happy to see multiples of many player favorites and good variety even for the players that stick with table games all the time.

No Live Dealer Support

There aren't any live dealer games to be found anywhere on this casino's platform. That's upsetting to some and others won't care at all. Personally, we enjoy playing live dealer games at times so we're not happy to see the feature missing. It is pretty common for casinos to forgo live dealer games though and many gamblers don't seem to mind one bit.

Try the Rapid Slot Tournaments

This casino is home to rapid slot tournaments that pit players against one another but give them the final results just 10 minutes later. Many of these tournaments give gamblers just a single spin to try and come out on top. This is different from the format that we're used to, but it can work in favor of short-term gamblers that aren't interested in playing all night hoping for that one big win.

Insane Welcome Bonuses

One of the leading things this casino has going for it are its insane welcome bonuses. New players can gain access to 500% deposit match bonuses worth up to $5,000 when just getting started on the platform. Not enough for you? Well it's possible to get up to a 600% deposit match bonus worth up to $6,000 when using Bitcoin as the deposit method of choice. That's pretty insane if you think about it.

Always On Bitcoin Deposit Bonuses

Few online casinos can match the ongoing Bitcoin deposit match bonus offered here. The offer gives up to $700 in bonus cash with a 350% deposit bonus for every single deposit into the casino. That's a very consistent bonus payout for such a generous offer which makes gambling on this platform even more worthwhile for long-term players.

The Mystery Box Bonus is Interesting

There aren't too many ongoing bonus offers on this platform, but every week there is a fun Mystery Box bonus offer. To qualify for this bonus offer make a deposit into your Café Casino account and wait until the mystery match credit is given out. It goes up and down dramatically, helping to keep things exciting every single week.

Café Casino Perks Build Up

This gambling site relies on a program like traditional VIP programs known as Perks. Gamblers that play regularly earn special perks, raise their rewards level and unlock bonuses and other rewards that will make them want to come back for more again and again.

Huge Paying Jackpots

With progressive jackpot games and table games like Keno available there is the potential to win tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars while playing here. That's exactly what brings some players in to spend their hard-earned money. It's a thrilling experience and an opportunity for the truly lucky gamblers.

Everyday Rewards are Available

Extensive rewards can be acquired by players on the Café Casino platform through the regular promotional offers and the VIP program. That means that long-term gamblers will continually unlock additional bonuses and special prizes for visiting the site and making use of its different services. This is very exciting and certainly worth playing for if you're a gambler that likes to trigger additional bonuses and special rewards just for gambling.

Most Mobile Devices Work Just Fine

It's possible to play the many different casino games using most different mobile devices at this casino online. For that reason players can use smartphones, tablets and other products to wager wherever they are with ease. The games run right in a web browser and no apps are required at all to use the services. This is a huge selling point for mobile enthusiasts.

Skip Registration Initially

When we first tried out the site we were impressed to see that most of the games loaded without ever going through registration at all. That's because the site is optimized to run without registration. If you're looking to test out some games and see if online wagering is for you, or you want to make sure a particular device is compatible with the casino, you can do both of those things without spending any money and without even taking the time to register for your casino account. How's that for convenience?

Market with the Bitcoin Casino Affiliates Program

As a member of the Bitcoin Casino affiliates program the site can be marketed with ease for anyone interested in doing that. It's one of many different web properties that all show up on the website. The program offers revenue share payouts between 25% and 45% depending on the success of the marketing expert. There aren't any negative balances, it's possible to use the program no matter where you are located and the program offers access to a wide range of casino products as well.

No Sports Services Offered

Sports wagering is one of the most popular ways that people gamble online today, but it's not a service that's accessible to everyone. That's why many players are happy to play here (us included) without having access to any sports wagering services. The site doesn't have a bookie license and won't offer that sort of wagering. Players that want to place a sports bet can do that at another site while playing casino games here though and that's exactly what many do.

Bitcoin is the Only Supported Banking Method

Bitcoin is the only accepted banking method at this online site. That's going to be one of the only sticking points for players on this site, and something to keep in mind when wagering here. Players that are concerned about using something like Bitcoin to complete transactions will want to look elsewhere to use the platform. For everyone else the casino does a good job of quickly processing these cryptocurrency transactions making it possible to move money in or out of the account reliably.

Decent Customer Support

We weren't wowed by the customer support offered on this platform, but support wasn't a weak point either. It was just okay. Getting help with problems was simple to do during our review. We were able to speak with support representatives using the dedicated phone number provided on the website in just a few minutes and got an answer to our simple question. Email worked as well and support only took a few hours to reply. We would have liked to see a live chat tool as well though.

Café Casino is one of our favorite online casinos, but we know that some players just won't sign up because they don't want to deal with using Bitcoins for all the banking transactions. If you don't have an issue with that, and you don't mind dong without Live Dealer games, there is a lot to love about this site. There are exceptional bonuses available, there are ongoing rewards to make use of and serious gamblers can win a great deal with a bit of luck here.