Cafe Casino Betting with Bitcoin

As you may know, Cafe Casino accepts Bitcoins. But they do more than that. They offer a complete tutorial for players who have not used Bitcoins before. So let's begin.

Obtaining a Digital Wallet

First, you have to obtain a new digital wallet online. The wallet will store your Bitcoins. There are many wallets you can choose from at Cafe Casino. Once chosen, launch the app store to view the digital wallet options and pick one that you feel meets your criteria. Once you have the digital wallet, you will now be able to purchase Bitcoins.

The Bitcoin Marketplace

The Bitcoin marketplace is one that will match you with different currencies. This is why Bitcoins is so very popular globally. Now you will have to set up your Bitcoin exchange depending upon the currency you need. when your account is available, you can use a variety of ways to purchase Bitcoins. You can use credit cards, debit cards, or whatever option you desire. The exchange you choose will ask for your wallet address so that they can automatically send the Bitcoins to your wallet. If this is not the case, you can send Bitcoins to your wallet easily.

Play with Bitcoin

After the three steps iterated above are completed, you can now make a Bitcoin deposit at Cafe Casino, making you an instant member of the casino. You can now bet with Bitcoin at Cafe Casino.