Pros and Cons of Bitcoin Betting

As you may have guessed, there are more pros to Bitcoin Betting than there are cons. To this end, we will discuss both.

What are the Pros of Bitcoin Betting?

The first thing that comes to my mind is that since there are so many online casinos that are accepting Bitcoins, the competition among them is fierce. That's a plus for players because when they do deposit with Bitcoins, they can receive massive Bitcoin bonuses. I have even reviewed a casino wherein the Refer=A=Friend Program gives the referer $25 in Bitcoins if their friend deposits with this cryptocurrency. The second most important aspect of using Bitcoins is the fast payouts. Because there is no third party or banking institution to deal with, the withdrawal time is between 15 and 20 minutes. Compare that to getting a check, which could take up to a week. Finally, there is no risk when using Bitcoins. While there is one when players use credit cards and are at the mercy of the banks, with Bitcoins the transactions are free and clear of any disruptions.

What are the Cons of Bitcoin Betting?

Let's assume you want to join Cafe Casino and use Bitcoin as a deposit method. The only con to achieving this is the process. It takes three steps: setting up a wallet, using an exchange, and purchase Bitcoins. In my estimation, this isn't even a con, but a way in which a player could be free of banking institutions that could hamper those deposits with rules and regulations. Not Bitcoin! At Cafe Casino, there is a Bitcoin Guide as well as a Video Tutorial that will take you through step by step to achieving your goal - depositing with Bitcoins. There is no guesswork involved. Therefore, there are no cons - it just takes a little time and that's all.