Fat Cat Cafe Slots

Welcome to the Fat Cat Café! That title alone has already made us curious to know more, especially as there is far more to discover here than you might think. This is no ordinary game, so if you are always keen to play something more unusual, it could well be time to step inside Fat Cat Café to learn more.

Who has created this slot game?

This is the latest in a series of great releases from Realtime Gaming (RTG).

Does it give you the chance to play a demo version?

Yes, as with other RTG games, you can try this as a demo if you wish.

Get ready for a mouth-watering theme…

Cafes are tempting places, right? This one is too, with lots of tasty donuts and treats on offer on the screen. This is one slot game you should never play while hungry…

It offers a fantastic café design

You'll see the wall of the café behind the reels, with the title of the game to the left and a big donut on the right. The icons hover in the air over the background, so it looks good and gives you a nice view of everything that appears on each spin. And boy, do those cakes and donuts look good…

Learn the basics about the Fat Cat Café slot game

There are five reels in this game, but the reels are larger that you would see in many other slots. They have five icons on each, so it works on a 5 x 5 grid. There are no progressive prizes in action here.

Watch out for a cup of coffee acting as the wild in this slot game. It substitutes for all the cakes but cannot do the same for the cats. You were expecting some cats, weren't you? We'll come to those shortly.

Does the game include any paylines?

No, it gives you the chance to create winning clusters of icons instead, hence the bigger 5 x 5 grid in action here. You'll need a minimum of four matching symbols to scoop a prize. These must appear touching each other horizontally or vertically. Anything appearing diagonally to another identical symbol doesn't count.

Higher bet amounts are available for this game

One bet is required per spin, as there are no paylines here. You can begin from two dollars per spin, which looks to knock a lot of penny slot players out of the running. This game is aimed at bigger bettors for sure, as the highest wager is around $3k.

Check all elements of the paytable before you begin

This is wise to do, as it gives you the chance to see if you like the various features on offer in the game. It also reveals this is quite unlike many other recent RTG slots - another perk in its favor, we think.

Are there any bonus features involved?

The first thing to look for is Cascading Reels. You've seen this before, no doubt - anytime you get a prize from a cluster of matching symbols, those symbols disappear. They're replaced by ones from above, with new ones filling in the gaps. If this gives you another prize, the process continues. Every cascade triggers a higher multiplier. This starts from 1x and reaches a maximum of 6x on the donut to the right of the reels.

You also want to watch out for those cats. There are four of them, each one randomly unlocking a special feature:

  • One clears a row of icons
  • One clears a column of icons
  • One clears a row and column of icons
  • One clears adjacent icons

All these are shown before the game begins.

No free spins on offer

The cats are the best bit of the game, but the cascades are the closest you get to additional prizes at no spin fee.

RTP unknown

This may change, and if it does, we'll let you know.

Our rating for Fat Cat Café

This gets 8 out of 10 from us, as we like the appearance of those cats to change things up on the reels. This may be the closest you get to a bonus, but it still perks up a great game.

How much could winners net playing this game?

The biggest prize is worth 3,000x your triggering wager. However, if you had the maximum 6x multiplier in action at the time, it would max that prize out to the biggest reward.

Play for fun to see what you think

Fat Cat Café is the latest in a string of cat-themed games online. Playing the demo gives you a shot at seeing if it could be a new favorite.

Play for real at RTG casinos

There are plenty of them offering this slot game today.

Go mobile to visit this cafe

Yes, the game is available on all platforms, so check it out today.