GGPoker Makes its UK Entrance with Awesome Promotions

GGPoker Casino

GGPoker is getting launched in the United Kingdom. The famous poker website offers British players to join them in a celebration in Dublin, Ireland so that the occasion can be appropriately marked. Right now, there are many attractive promotions to be found in GGPoker such as free giveaway prizes, various cash promotions, freerolls and many others, all of which will be available to newcomers of the website. GGPoker has already received its license in the UK and is quite ready to begin its dominion over the hearts and minds of gamblers there.

3 Stages of the Party

The celebrations will take place in the period between the 23-rd of October and the 29-th of October, a full week. Its program can be divided into 3 stages. The first one involves Freerolls, which are delivered two times a day. Each of these provides prizes that are worth 50 dollars. The password for the unlocking of the bonus will be given through some of the social media pages of GGPoker. The second stage includes the so-called Big Ben giveaways. They are freerolls consisting of two prizes – cash and tournament tickets, with each part being worth 200 dollars so 400 dollars in total. These freerolls will be delivered on October 26 and October 29. The third part is called Party King and consists of a 1000-dollar cash prize, which will be granted to a player that gets his hands on a Party Crown, after emerging triumphant from at least 3 freeroll tournaments.


All players from GGPoker are able to benefit from the website’s first deposit match bonus that is 200 percent. In addition to that, as much as 1000 dollars of free cash prizes can be granted based on the individual player’s initial 3 installments. Another offer is the fresh-out-of-the-box Fish Buffet Loyalty programme, which grants constant cash prizes for every player that signs up for it. Paul Burke, who is in charge of GGPoker has expressed his enthusiasm about the flow of new members that the website will be welcoming as well as his confidence that they will all find something to enjoy on a long-term basis. It took a lot of hard work for the site’s development team to arrive on the British shores but now the goal is finally achieved and plenty of enthusiastic poker players will now reap the benefits. GGPoker is the main weapon of the GGNetwork, which grants access to various poker games and spectacular features and its sole purpose is to make poker players around the globe happy and satisfied and through GGPoker they have surely scored again.