Max Quest: Dragon Stone Slots

Max Quest has become a famous name among online gamers. While it has some connections with slot games, it is anything but, as you’re about to see. There are several titles in the Max Quest series, but our focus here is on the new Dragon Stone game.

We have watched the cinematic trailer for this one, and let’s be clear, it looks set to be another huge title for its developer. More about the creator shortly, but if you want to know anything about this game, this is the place to do it.

Developer info to start us off

We can begin our review by confirming that Betsoft Gaming is behind this episode in the Max Quest series.

You’ll be able to try the game first

And you should, too, especially if you’ve never experienced the Max Quest action-packed game series before.

What’s the theme in this one?

The promo video shows a rocky mountain range and a fortress of sorts. Winged creatures sit atop the turrets. Monsters ready themselves for battle. And finally, a dragon breathing fire introduces us to the Dragon Stone game, so we guess this is all about dragons. And they don’t look friendly either.

Expect a beautiful if unnerving design

Yes, no one looks that friendly here, but then the idea is to battle against all manner of enemies in search of prizes. These games are big on detail, and Dragon Stone doesn’t disappoint in that area.

No reels, no progressives, and nothing like you’ve ever seen before

If you are expecting a slot game, you’re going to see something different here. While we await the release of Max Quest: Dragon Stone, we can confirm that all the titles in the range are based on maps and settings. You go into the setting to fire your weapons at the creatures there. Some are harder to hit and take out than others, but they’re also connected to better prizes. These are shown in the paytable.

No paylines for this game

That lines up with other titles in the series, too.

Choose a bet connected to a room

This is how the game begins – there are several rooms and each one requires a bet to enter. You choose your room based on your budget. Others have started at three cents and maxed out at a dollar, so we expect this game to go along similar lines.

Can you check out a paytable?

The Max Quest series uses a question mark to show where the paytable is. Fortunately, it explains all the rules and game features over the course of the paytable, which makes this the best way to learn more before you play.

Any bonuses here?

We’ll know for sure when Max Quest: Dragon Stone finally drops. However, other games have had bonus elements and quests involved. It’s hard to believe this one won’t go along similar lines.

No free spins here

No, but we know that other Max Quest adventures have seen weapons dropped by enemies. These weapons contain bullets that you are free to use until they run out. Could we expect something along those lines here too?

What about the RTP value?

We do not yet know the return to player percentage for Max Quest: Dragon Stone. However, other entries in the series have been confirmed at the 97.5% mark, so we have confidence that this title will be around the same value. We’ll update you when we know more.

How high could our rating for Max Quest: Dragon Stone go?

At the time of writing this review, we had yet to gain access to the game to play it. However, it looks just as good as the other games featuring Max Quest, so we suspect it will be tough to rate this lower than around eight points out of 10.

No progressive jackpot winners here

The paytable does reveal many other prizes though, so who knows how high the rewards could go if you manage to take out some big enemies?

The demo is a vital introduction to the game

Yes, especially as this could be your first RPG-style online game from Betsoft. Even if you have tried the other titles from the range, we’d still suggest you start with the practice version of this one.

You can get into some real play for just a few cents

Watch your balance at the bottom of the screen. Keep an eye on your budget too. It’s harder, we think, to look at how much action you can get in the game on a smaller budget. It seems better suited to players with bigger wagers and more scope to play more.

Expect mobile access as well

Previous titles have been available for Android and iOS platforms, so we expect this one to follow that same pattern.