Max Quest: Rise of the Mummy Slots

If the name Max Quest sounds familiar, it could well be because this is the overarching name of a series of games based on role-playing and action settings. Each one takes on a different theme, and with a mummy highlighted in the title of this one, you can figure out where we might go and whom we might face.

So… are you feeling brave? Do you want to know how fearsome the mummy could be? Come with us and let’s step into the dark to see just where that mummy might be hiding…

Another strong title from the Max Quest developer

You may already know that the game series comes from Betsoft. They’re known for their 3D slot games, and here they have applied their expertise to the RPG gaming area once more.

Expect a demo to get underway with

You don’t need to play a practice game before the real version, but we suggest you do. It makes it far easier to work out what is going on.

More about the theme

If mummies make you think about ancient Egypt, you’ve got the theme in one. That is where you’re heading if you feel brave enough to find out more about this game.

Expect another top-notch design from Betsoft

Let’s be honest here – it is rare to find any game from Betsoft that disappoints in the design stakes. That applies even more to this game, where even the promo video looks incredible. Underground chambers, hieroglyphics, a figure wearing a stunning headdress… and a mummy waking from its slumber to protect its surroundings.

There are no reels here

Anyone familiar with other Max Quest titles will know this. You won’t play a slot game – instead, you’re in RPG territory, offering a chance to take aim at various enemies walking across the screen.

Some are much easier to take out than others, but you’ll see when you get a direct hit as an explosion occurs on the screen.

Should you expect any paylines?

No, as this doesn’t operate like a slot game.

How to choose a wager

There are nine rooms available once the game loads. The first one accepts wagers from three cents to 30 cents. The most expensive one uses wagers from $1 to $10.

The question mark reveals the paytable

You can go into this whenever you wish, and we suggest you do so before you play. There are 12 pages to read through, so it may take a while, but you’ll understand a lot more about the game when you’ve finished.

Look out for the Money Wheel

This cool feature may randomly appear after any basic shot at an enemy. It doesn’t appear if you’ve aimed at a Legendary Boss though. Any weapon may unlock the wheel, although the chances improve if you’re using a special weapon. You’ll receive one spin to secure a multiplier prize when the needle lands on a segment.

What about those bosses, though? There are three of these, and one may appear after you get rid of an enemy. Special weapons are better to go up against them with, and you can either buy these or find them during the game. Even damaging the boss carries prize potential, although the biggest reward is reserved for destroying it.

No chance of any free spins

No… but when you read through the paytable, which contains so much info on the game, you’ll see there are many other features you could take advantage of during Max Quest: Rise of the Mummy.

What is the RTP like?

It comes in above average when compared to slot games, ranking at 97.5%.

Do we like this version of Max Quest?

We do – the Max Quest: Rise of the Mummy game is one of our favorites of the series. The Egyptian theme works well here and was always going to be a top pick for another title featuring these characters. We’re giving this game nine out of 10 points.

An impressive maximum prize

The game works on room bets, and the most you can receive is 5,000x the room wager you selected when you began the game.

Playing the demo is vital here

We recommend everyone who is new to the Max Quest: Rise of the Mummy title checks it out as a practice game first. That is the only way to work out all the rules and features.

Play for real at participating casinos

We haven’t found this one at all Betsoft casinos, but it does feature at many impressive ones. Look around for the best option before signing up – and watch for a deposit bonus first too.

Developed for desktop and mobile

That means you can easily play on iOS and Android if you prefer.