Incognito Poker

If you are a proud and seasoned Ignition member, you know that when playing with the live dealer or the first-class poker tournaments, all members know your name or username. For some Ignition members having your name or username known might not be a big deal, but for others, maybe you want to win behind the scenes. Ignition Casino responds with Incognito Poker, giving ardent poker players the best of both worlds. Tune in because we have all the details.

So, What Is Incognito Poker

We all know that sometimes poker can get heated and tempers flair. Traditional online poker lets players chat with the dealer and sometimes among themselves. Also, a player's history is available during the tournaments and live dealer. The problem is, if you have a sore loser, they might become predators or try to cramp your winning style. But thanks to Incognito Poker, Ignition members can relax and focus on the art of winning.

Why You're Better Off Without HUDs

HUD, short for heads-up displays, can seriously cramp your poker style. Because the other players are watching your every move and tendency, HUDs might give away your winning hand. But with Incognito Poker, HUDs are completely eliminated, leaving the competition guessing your next move. Another advantage of Incognito Poker is that there isn't tracking software that also follows and tracks you.

What's Used Instead

Now that you know some key advantages of Incognito Poker, let's break down what you do get. User IDs are used instead of names and usernames. With random numbers assigned, you can focus on perfecting your bluff and the winning strategy to get on the board. You can also join new tables without other players getting a beat on you.

Of course, seriously astute poker players strive to have a photogenic memory for keeping tabs on their losing hands, and they can focus on the pattern of hands, both winning and losing, while still studying tendencies.

Today, Ignition Casino has all its poker tournaments in Incognito mode. There's nothing for you to do. The number you are assigned stays with you throughout the tournament. So depending on if you hang tough, you can still keep tabs on what others are doing, so you can focus on playing and winning to the finish line.