Tether (USDT) Deposits

Bovada Casino is filled with excellent games, incredible bonuses, and secure methods for sending funds and receiving winnings. The same deposit options offered for the virtual sports and live casino and live betting can also be used for the casino. Promotions and bonuses are sometimes linked to the many deposit options offered, and these are detailed in the promotions area of the casino. Bitcoin has long been one of the approved options for sending funds to the casino. Now, Tether has joined the selection of crypto options offering direct, instant, and completely secure transfers.

What is Tether

Tether is also called USDT and appears in crypto exchanges and wallets. Tether is considered a stable coin: it is pegged to the USD. Meaning that for every Tether coin issued, a USD is kept in reserves. This means that the value of Tether does not fluctuate like the other cryptocurrencies. Instead, it is solid and stable and remains close in value to the dollar. Tether's stability, security, and reliability mean that it is a more attractive option than many other crypto coins while still offering the full security and instant transfers that are characteristic of cryptocurrencies.

How to Use Tether at Bovada Casino

Players wanting to use Tether need to open a separate wallet and buy Tether that will remain in their wallet until they transfer to the casino. Moving to the casino is straightforward, using a user name and password and detailing the amount to be shared. Once transferred, the player can start placing bets and using the funds. Apart from the Bovada Casino help page, Tether also offers all users a direct help page online. The stability and reliability of Tether are increasing the popularity of this crypto coin more and more as players move away from credit and debit card payments.