3-Reel Slots at Intertops Casino Classic

If you love checking out the latest three-reel slot games, you should check out Intertops Classic Casino. This site has a section devoted only to those games. You can also see that not all three-reel slots are filled with fruit and nothing else.

Finding this array of games is easy. You simply need to look at the menu on the left of your screen when you arrive at the casino. From there, you'll see three-reel slots highlighted as the second item on that menu.

How many three-reel games can you play?

Lots! Just check out that section to see how many of them are there. You might also realize that the entire 3x and 7x series of slots are present in that area. The games come from one of the leading developers out there - Wager Gaming. You don't need to know that, but you might be curious to see their other classic slots.

Just one line… or more?

Many of the three-reel games at this casino have just one payline, so they're ideal for trying the most basic of all slot games. However, some titles have more than that. It isn't unusual to find games with five lines, for example. They're still affordable to play, but they're also a step up from playing the standard single-line slots.

Intertops Casino Classic offers lots of info before you play

You'll see an image for each game logo, followed by confirmation of the title of that game. You can then see how many paylines you can play on, making it easy to spot the titles most suitable for you.

And below that, you may see a dollar amount. If you do, you can assume this is a progressive jackpot. Yep, some of these 'small' games offer way more than you might think!

Try some demo action before you commit to real wagers

These three-reel, single-line slots are among the cheapest to play, especially since you can still usually play a cent per line. With lots of penny slots to choose from, you may be tempted to dive straight in.

However, we would suggest you hang fire and experiment with a few demo games first. Yes, you can do this without even signing up for the casino too. Just pick a game, load it, and off you go. It's the best way to check out many of the three-reel thrills waiting for you at Intertops Casino Classic.