New Slot Titles at Bet Online Casino

When you arrive at the Bet Online site, you'll see there are many different areas to look at. The live casino pops up first in the menu, but for the purposes of this report and a look at the new slot games you can play, we'll head straight for the casino.

Once there, you can choose only the slots to look at. This cuts down the search time if those are your favorites.

But what next? Where are the new titles?

You cannot miss any of them - they're NEW

We capitalized that word as the NEW label does appear on everything that has just been added to the site. The word is in white, but it appears on a striking red background in the top right corner of the game screen.

Bet Online Casino tends to use the promo logo for each game to promote it, so there is a good chance you've seen some of those titles before. They also put the newest games at the top of the pile, so when you visit the slots page, you never need to look too far to find what you need.

There is a special section dedicated only to new games too

Isn't that cool? It's a little further down the page, but if you want to see all the options, that's the place to go. Here are some of the titles we found:

  • Kung Fu Coins
  • Totems of Fortune
  • Stellar Strikes
  • Quest to the West

There are lots more to look for too. Many of the slots that don't have that NEW label are still quite fresh, so watch out for titles you may never have seen before.

Select a title to get a hint of what is to come

This bit is cool although it doesn't tell you any of the facts about the game - not the line quantity or bet amounts or anything similar. However, it does tell you a little about the theme, giving you an idea of what is to come if you try that game.

Whichever games you choose to play at Bet Online Casino, you'll see the potential to find lots of great options you may well return to time and again.