Take Olympus Slots

Mythical gods have long been a popular slot game theme. From the Norse gods to those of the ancient Greeks, we can travel through history and around the world to meet them.

Now, we can introduce a new slot game from Betsoft called Take Olympus that looks set to be the next title in line for us to play. But what do we think of it? Read on and find out.

Five gods become part of the game

You’ll meet Hades, Zeus, Apollo, Aphrodite, and Poseidon during this game – five of the most famous of all Greek gods. They form part of the Cycle of the Gods.

This means each God rules over the five reels for a set of 10 spins. If this sounds a little like their previous slots, Take the Bank and Take Santa’s Shop, there are similarities. However, don’t assume this game is going to play out exactly like those.

When we tried the game, we spotted Aphrodite’s name next to a counter showing the number 10. This appeared to the left of the first reel. According to the paytable, the same God is never chosen twice in succession. They appear at random too, so while we had Aphrodite to start with, you may have another god to get you underway.

Enjoy a low minimum wager

The cheapest wager for playing this game is a mere 20 cents. This covers 50 fixed paylines. At the other end of the scale, you can choose a maximum wager of $45. There are other values between those as well.

Enjoy different powers from each of the gods

You can read the paytable to learn how each set of 10 spins plays out according to which God is on the reels. The one thing you can rely on is a God Event at the end of each set of 10 spins. This changes according to the god in charge, but it always looks cool and can result in a nice prize or two for you.

Changing backgrounds

Another great feature of this slot sees the background change after each set of 10 spins. Betsoft has designed the background to reflect each god and their setting. We got Hades on our third set of spins, taking us into the underworld.

Play Take Olympus today to check it out in more detail

We think you’ll love this game as it has a lot to offer by way of features throughout your progress. It’s entertaining, ideal for Greek god fans, and keeps things interesting by changing things up every 10 spins.

If you haven’t seen it yet, it could well become one of your new favorites from Betsoft. It builds on the idea introduced in the other ‘Take’ titles from this developer, taking it to a new level we love. Will you love it as much as we did?