Turkey Time Slots

Are you ready to discover a turkey-themed slot that is going to knock your socks off? This may be a small game, but it is still a good one to play if you have some time. Seasonal it may be, but is it good as an all-round title to play all year?

Who created Turkey Time?

This is a WGS title.

It comes with a demo version too

If you’d like to give it a shot without risking your budget on a game you may not like, the demo is the one for you.

Is it festive?

No, the theme here is Thanksgiving, as you’ll see from the pilgrim’s hat that appears during the game. It does feature a turkey, of course, along with some pumpkin pie.

A classic design of sorts

The game is based on a one-armed bandit design, and you can see hints of a casino beyond with separate machines on either side of this one.

The features in the Turkey Time slot

There are just three reels here. There is a jackpot, but it is fixed at 2,400 credits. No progressives are involved.

Despite the game’s size, you will get the chance to enjoy some wild prizes if you find the substitute pilgrim’s hat. One pays 2x the prize, while two multiply that prize by 4x. There is a bonus turkey involved too.

Are there plenty of paylines?

No… just the one.

Lots of betting options

You can choose one, two, or three coins per spin, with each coin worth from one cent to ten dollars.

The paytable is right by the reels

No need to switch screens to see it – it’s right there in front of you the whole time.

Does it have a bonus round?

Yes, and you must find a turkey anywhere on the payline to unlock it. Several symbols then appear, and you simply need to select one to find out what you have won. However, the potential for the bonus only exists if you wager three coins on the triggering spin.

No free spins available

That probably won’t be a surprise given the size of the game.

Do we know what the RTP value is?

No, we don’t.

Our rating for the Turkey Time slot game

We are rating this as a 7 out of 10 game. It’s great to see a bonus feature, albeit a simple one, in a three-reel game, but there aren’t enough big features to warrant a higher score in our eyes.

What is the largest prize?

2,400 credits on a three-credit spin that finds three pilgrim hats on the payline.

Play for a while in demo mode to see what you think

If you want to try a three-reel game that is a little more involved than the average one, this could be a good one to try.

How many casinos offer the real version of the game?

Any casino with the WGS suite of games should have the paid version of this available too (along with the demo).

It looks good on mobile as well

It does, and it might be worth checking out this version if you can.