Max Quest: Dead Man’s Cove Slots

Would you willingly visit a dead man’s cove? If you were thinking about pirates when you read the title of this game, we can confirm that’s where the theme takes us. But will Max Quest: Dead Man’s Cove see you walking away with some plundered spoils? And will you annoy any of those undead pirates if you do?

Everyone gets tired of traditional slots occasionally. If you feel like that now, stay here a while. We’ve got a full review of this next instalment of the Max Quest series of RPG games here, visiting Dead Man’s Cove to get some answers.

Who is the developer?

The same company behind all the other Max Quest titles, and we’re pleased to say that is Betsoft Gaming.

Don’t miss the demo

Whenever you play something different to anything that has gone before, you’re recommended to try the demo. Fortunately, there is one here, so you can load that to see what’s what.

A pirate’s theme for me…

And for you, too, and you can see how well you fare by facing off against undead pirates from all angles. The promotional video for this one features a fearsome sea monster too, and it seems to be on the side of the pirates…

A stunning design

Don’t wait too long to marvel at it though, as the enemies are lining up to wander into view. If you’ve tried other games in the series, you’ll recognize many of the same elements in action here. Full color, detailed enemies and settings, and lots more action is on the way.

No reels here then?

No – this is nothing like a slot game, even though Betsoft has retained some features that make you think of a slot. You won’t find any reels, but there are ways to get freebies along the way, for example.

All the creatures and monsters are inside the paytable (more on that in a second). You can see how many times you need to hit them to get a prize, with the prize amounts appearing underneath each image. That much is the same as a slot.

No paylines here

If you want paylines, head for a regular slot rather than hoping to find any in this game.

Sorting out your bets

There are nine rooms to choose from when the game loads. The wagers to enter these go from three cents to a dollar. Bear in mind you can buy more weapons during the game too, so that is another potential cost to think about.

Find the question mark to see how to play

We suggest you check out this part of the game before attempting to play, as it is quite different to anything else that you’ll have tried. There are similarities to all other Max Quest games though. There are several screens and sections to look through. Damage determines payout, so keep that in mind as you play.

Can you get through to a Legendary Boss bonus?

There are three enemies you can meet in this feature. They randomly show up on the screen following the destruction of an enemy, so watch and see whether one of them might appear. Each one, from Captain Blackbeard to the Leviathan, could net a cool prize.

Another thing to look for is a key. Finding three bronze, three silver, or three gold keys will open the appropriate chest for a multiplier prize plus a special weapon.

What about some free spins?

With no reels to play on, you won’t find any of these. However, you should watch for some Loot Chests containing special weapons. These appear in bronze, silver, and gold. The silver ones have 2x the quantity of bullets while the gold ones have 3x the amount.

Do we know what the return to player percentage is?

We do, as Betsoft always publishes this information. It’s good, too, in this case, coming in at an impressive 97.5%.

Our rating for Max Quest: Dead Man’s Cove

They had us from the second we read the title, but the game itself is spectacular to play. If you are tired of slots and want something more interactive to play, this is the one to try. It certainly warrants 9 out of 10 points, don’t you think?

What is the winning potential here?

Entering the Dead Man’s Cove game could result in various prizes. The biggest of these is a 6,000x return on your maximum room bet amount.

It’s never been more important to play the demo first

If this is the first time you have tried playing a game like this, start by loading the practice version. If a casino offers this instalment in the Max Quest series, you should see a demo offered (sometimes labeled as ‘play for fun’). Try this first.

Will you play for real too?

Only you can work out whether this fills the gap that has existed at online casinos for a while. If you like role-playing games, this one does fill that gap. Just watch your budget and know when to stop.

Mobile access for Max Quest: Dead Man’s Cove

The game is available in HTML5 for desktop, but you can also play on iOS and Android tablets and smartphones.