Sensational Single-payline Progressive Slots to Play

When there are lots of slot games offering multiple paylines, you might wonder why you'd go for a progressive slot with only one payline. There are some good reasons for doing this, not least the fact you can cover one line far more cheaply than you could several lines.

At Miami Club Casino, you can play an affordable game and be in with a chance to get that progressive jackpot too. This is the hardest prize for anyone to get, of course, but it's nice to know it is there just in case. Someone always manages to get that prize, and you can never tell where the next winner will be.

We spotted several single-payline slots with progressive jackpots included in the action. The first one is 3x Wild Cherry, where the jackpot had reached $10,840 on our most recent visit. Next up is 7x Lucky Sevens, offering a much higher volatility level than the first option and having a jackpot worth $18,540 at the time of writing.

Another popular game many players go after is called Mega Money Mine. This also has a single payline and we spotted a huge progressive up for grabs just recently. Would you believe it had reached $123,047?

If you think that's impressive, just wait until we tell you there is a Red, White & Win slot game on offer too. It's worth $182,609… unless someone has managed to scoop that prize for themselves since we last checked.

You can find all these games and more besides by opting to view the three-reel slots at Miami Club Casino. You can do this from the home page. Then, you can just look along the options to find ones with a jackpot amount listed. Are you going to try any of them today?