Slots Garden Casino

Slots Garden is a well-established Realtime Gaming based casino with a long list of features and special options to keep gamblers interested. We were taken in by the clean layout of the site and the nice blend of games, but kept coming back for more because of the powerful VIP system. Keep reading to find out if there is enough offered by this powerful casino to keep you coming back for more, or if you would be better served by a different online establishment instead.

Mixed Country Support is Offered

About half of countries can use the services at Slots Garden, and this includes portions of the United States, much of Europe, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and many other countries scattered out around the world. There are parts of the USA that aren't approved to play there, along with many countries throughout Africa, Asia the Mediterranean and many island-based nations. Check whether your country is supported or not before creating an account with the casino for best results.

Slots Garden Runs on Realtime Gaming

If you play at Slots Garden casino you get to enjoy the quality Realtime Gaming casino games that make up most of the game library. Realtime Gaming is well-known for its entertaining games and it's rock-solid mobile support. Gamblers from around the world trust the software and rely on it on a daily basis.

Slots, Video Poker, Table Games and More

Slots Garden is an online casino that's focused around offering a good mix of entertaining slot games to pick and choose from. There are hundreds of different slots, including basic 3-reel slots with minimal prize payouts and more exciting five-reel video slots with more sophisticated bonuses and rewards. There are also different table games like blackjack and poker to make you feel like you're in a real casino. You'll have access to video poker games and an interesting mix of specialty games as well when you play at this slot. Between all those different options there is a lot to like about being a member of Slots Garden if you like gambling online. The slot offering is most impressive of all of course, even with all those other options available to choose from.

Modern and Classic Slot Games

The website itself is focused around playing different slot games and there are literally hundreds of them to pick and choose from. Among all the slots, there are very basic classic slot games with just a few different symbols to watch out for, and there are more advanced slots with bonus rounds, progressive jackpots and other massive rewards that make playing more exciting. There's a nice variety of gambling options to pick through, and it's all these different options that keep gamblers interested and excited at the possibilities that the casino offers.

Play for Free

It's possible to begin wagering for free at Slots Garden casino if you aren't willing to spend any of your own money to wager there. You can do this by playing the different games in practice mode. Simply load up the instant play game library and choose the slot game you want to try. From there you just choose Demo Mode or Practice more and the game will load up immediately so that you can test it out without spending any money at all. It runs with play money, giving you access to the full range of features that the game has to offer. This is an excellent feature for players that want to learn the different games and find out what their favorite option is, or which option is going to be the most effective for gamblers. Take your time testing out the different games and only switch to real money wagering when you find one you're interested in.

Play to Win Real Cash

When you want a chance at real money prize payouts it's time to start playing the different casino gaes at Slots Garden using real money. Fortunately, this is simple to do at this online casino. You simply sign into your account, make a real money deposit and select the game that you want to play online for real money. Choose a wager amount that you're comfortable with, place that wager down and try to win. It's that simple. From the time that you visit the casino for the first time, it only takes about five to ten minutes before you can be wagering with real money if you use the fast deposit methods to make your initial real money deposit into your casino account. Do that and you'll be prepared to take full advantage of the different gambling opportunities available at the casino.

Start Playing Immediately or Download Premium

There are two different ways to play the games at Slots Garden casino. You can either play right away in a web browser without worrying about any sort of downloads at all, or you can take the time to download the software and play more games with the premium software. If you don't go through the download process, you'll have around 50 games to pick and choose from. By taking the time to download the software that figure goes up to around 150 instead. The option you should choose really depends on what sort of gambling you want to do and what features you value most when gambling at a casino.

Deposit Bonuses Forever

There are two different deposit bonuses in place at the casino that make it possible to double your deposit amount or more each time you make a deposit into your account at Slots Garden. The first bonus offer gives players a 100% deposit match starting with deposits worth $50 or more. This can effectively double the money that you have to play with when first getting started. The next bonus offer gives a 150% deposit match bonus when a deposit of $50 or more is made. That means that for every $50 that's deposited the bonus would reward $75 as bonus cash for you to gamble with as well. These long-term bonuses can be used again and again and should be leveraged each time that you make a deposit into the account.

Use the Coupon Codes

If you want to use any of the special deposit promotions make sure to use the coupon codes while making your initial deposit. With the coupon code in the box you will unlock the special bonus offer while making your deposit so that you can unlock all the perks it offers you.

Make the Most of the Rewarding VIP Program

Slots Garden has a feature-rich VIP program in place that rewards gamblers nicely for coming back and playing at the casino over and over again. To unlock the special perks in the program you'll have to wager enough to meet the minimum requirements of each level of the VIP program. As you reach higher levels of the program you'll unlock bigger money back guarantees, additional presents, higher table limits, access to an account manager and other perks that will help to improve your wagering experience while on the platform. Over time you'll also earn comp points that can be transformed into all sorts of different prizes to get excited about.

Slot Tournaments are not Offered

Slot tournaments are an entertaining way to enjoy slot games you've played many times before. Unfortunately, Slots Garden doesn't offer any slot tournament features. This is a letdown for gamblers that want to win big while trying something different because tournaments can be a way to do that. They're fun and different, but at this casino they aren't offered so you'll have to look for different wagering options that are similar. There are table games but they're arcade-style games that aren't nearly as interactive or competitive as tournaments are.

Impressive Payouts are Achievable from the Range of Games

Slots Garden offers its players the chance to win some seriously good prize payouts with a bit of luck on their side. As a gambler at this casino it's possible to win tens of thousands of dollars with enough luck. Many of the video slot games offer the biggest prize payout potential, and they can reward gamblers heavily for giving the different games a try. Players looking for consistent wins can get them at Slots Garden, but there are also massive prize payouts to be won at the casino on a more inconsistent basis.

Instant Games Work on Mobile

It makes no difference whether you have an iPad, an Android device an iPhone or some other modern mobile product if you're playing at Slots Garden. That's because the site runs on most mobile devices just fine. The trick is to play the games using the instant play platform. Do that and the games will run right in the web browser of your device smoothly and capably.

Try Without Registration

There's no reason to even go through the registration process at Slots Garden if you want to test out the different games. It's possible to do that simply by clicking on a game and playing it in free play mode on the instant platform. This makes finding games you love easier, and it means that you can get to know the casino without spending any money in the process.

Earn Through Ace Revenue Affiliates

Slots Garden is connected with the Ace Revenue affiliate marketing program. If you want to market the platform and try to persuade gamblers to come and play at Slots Garden, joining Ace Revenue is the way to do it. The platform represents seven different partnering companies, and it does so while offering up to a 45% revenue share. That's exciting without even considering all the regular bonuses that are given out by Ace Revenue for success. All these things make the system very exciting to use.

Slots Garden Doesn't Support Sports Betting

Sports betting can be a fun way to pass the time and is certainly a worthwhile activity if you're a sports fan that's already watching the latest games. It's not supported at Slots Garden though. That doesn't mean you should skip the casino in favor of other options, unless you need to wager on sports and play casino games using the same account. Many Slots Gardens members are happy to have two separate accounts they can do their wagering with.

No Blog or Forum to Access

Finding information on the latest news and special feature releases for Slots Garden is more difficult than it is at some leading casinos because there is no blog or forum on the website. That means players are left accessing the latest updates from the home page of the site as well as the promotions page. This isn't difficult to do, but it's less efficient than using a regularly updated blog would be.

Live Dealer Games aren't Featured

We were a bit surprised to see that Slots Garden lacks a live dealer section to its casino despite having some of the most modern games and features available today. There are plenty of exciting jackpots, bonuses and special features to look forward to while playing at the casino, but live dealer aficionados will have to live without access to games featuring dealers on video, because they aren't available on the platform. This is a huge loss for some gamblers that really prefer that extra bit of interactivity. Others won't miss it at all.

Reliable Deposit Tools

Depositing money into an account at Slots Garden is as simple as visiting the site, going to the banking section and choosing one of four basic methods. Visa and MasterCard are both supported, along with Neteller and Bitcoin. Most gamblers will be more than comfortable using one of the two supported card methods, but for players that aren't comfortable with any of the provided options customer support can assist in helping to find a reliable solution from one of their other deposit tools.

Simple Withdrawals as Well

Withdrawing money after winning at Slots Garden is just as simple as making a deposit. There are four supported methods for this purpose as well, including Neteller, Bank wires, checks and Bitcoin transfers. Each of these methods works well, but Neteller and Bitcoin are the faster options if you're in a hurry to access your money.

Bitcoin is the Only Crypto Option

Cryptocurrency enthusiasts will be disheartened to hear that Bitcoin is the only supported payment option at this casino. That means currencies like Litecoin, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, Dogecoin and others will have to be converted to and from Bitcoin before being used at the casino. This is a minor inconvenience, but one that will deter some gamblers from Slots Garden.

Simple Help Tools

Getting help from the site is as easy as accessing one of the three help tools in place. At Slots Garden gamblers can make use of the live chat tool, email customer support or leverage the detailed FAQ section for quick answers to basic questions. Even though phone support isn't available at the casino, there are enough help tools for gamblers to access to make getting started simple and fast.

Slots Garden finds a nice balance offering just enough features to keep the casino from growing dull over time. New games are released, getting started takes just a few moments, bonuses are always available and there's a rewarding VIP system that will keep you coming back for more rewards. Overall, the site is worth playing at if you enjoy standard casino games and aren't looking for cutting edge features like Live Dealer games.